RE: Resident Evil on Netflix, Why Hate?

I’m a fan of the series, but not a superfan. I saw the trailer and it’s getting a ton of hate but I don’t get why. I hate woke shit, but I can’t tell that its super woke from the trailer. What am I missing?

They earned their rep for being woke so now most people won’t give them a chance. Fuck them. Hopefully they go bankrupt. Maybe groomer moves and pregnant men movies have consequences?


Black Wesker

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looks decent

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If you’re a faggot

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Just from watching it, I would guess they made Claire Redfield into an African American lady?


That trailer did nothing for me and RE 1 is in my top 5 games ever. I’m playing through the remake right now and loving it.


Race swapped Wesker, all female cast, black lesbian main character.

There’s also the issue that it’s not Resident Evil at all, it’s just a generic standalone zombie film that’s been reskinned into Resident Evil.

It really is Netflix just being Netflix.


A black lesbian super hero for every franchise.

That’s not woke?

You can bet any white men… shit any BIOLOGICAL men in this show will be evil or have to be saved from their own ineptitude constantly.

Fuck netfags.


RE1 and RE2 remakes were some of my favourite gaming experiences in like the last 5 years. Not sure if it’s just nostalgia, but they were awesome by me.

Absolutely. I’m going to finish up 1 then pick up 2. It’s crazy how everything comes back once you get in the mansion. It was my first console experience growing up. My brother played because I was like 8 and I was his navigator because he has zero sense of direction. I still know that mansion like the back of my hand. I’m loving it.

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Loved the video games.

Never seen any of the movies (and no desire to watch them). Not even interested in watching the trailer, but knowing Netflix, I’m sure it’s got its woke quota fulfillment.

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Whenever I see a whole cast of unknowns (minus 1 guy) on these Netflix shows I just know it’s going to be mediocre 90% of the time. Without even going into the woke shit too.

Why is it “woke”?

The OG: “They hired a black person and two women. Now it’s ruined and I can’t watch it”.

Was it ‘the OG’ that said that or was it just you?

IMO the animated movies are fairly dope

The Paul Anderson Mila Jokovich movies are fun action flicks that go off the rails after a couple movies.

The Netflix shit is a generic zombie bullshit with a woke element and resident evil themes shoehorned in.

Any time you change the race or gender of an established character in any franchise, it always rubs me the wrong way. They could always add a character, create a new villain or change the name of the property entirely. Netflix’s approach of changing any strong white character into a trans black lesbian was tired years ago and this is no different.


It’s woke because they are clearly trying to normalize the disappearance of white people (especially white males) from their own cultural institutions. Movies, TV, videos games etc

Resident evil is over 25 years old, and has always been known for it’s cast of white characters.

You won’t see Netflix make a Shaft series with a white female, because that doesn’t fit in with their anti-white Marxist agenda.


How are you guys getting that the lead is lesbo? Was that in the trailer?

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You guys (@ehrgeiz ) mean the remakes of RE2+3, right?

IIRC, the RE1 PC remake/port is ancient.
Maybe I’m misremembering