RE: Ricardo Arjona

I am trying to find his works in the 'net but having difficulty. Are there any sites I can check out to print some of his music? If not, can you recommend a store?

I've downloaded alot of his music off of Limewire and Kaaza.

"Desnuda" is one of my favorite songs. Arjona is an excellent lyricist.

Short of amazon (has alot of sound clips) or b&n, you will have to go on one of the afore mentioned downloading sites. Besides "Desnuda"(great song), check out "Cuando"(get the acustic version if you can), "El Problema", and his greatest hits cd. Napster has many of his tunes also.

Thanks, guys. I am actually trying to look for sheet music to play. I tried and a few more searches but they only have the lyrics.

I haven't heard the acoustic version of "Cuando" yet but will definitely look for it.
"El Problema" is an awesome song.

Sorry man, I was wondering why you'd be asking for his music after the other post?! If you find anything out, please post about it as I would be interested in finding some sheet music of his also.

No problem, luchador. I will let you know, if I get anything.