RE Sambo Steve (aka Steve Koepfer)

I've known Steve Koepfer for years, and for me, it has been an honor to know the man. IN the world in general, quality human beings are few and far between, more so in the martial arts. Steve Koepfer is 100% class act, great human being, nice guy and of course a brilliant martial artist. It's been my pleasure to know him and to be able to work with him. His sambo is amazing, and he is an amazing coach....

Thank Steve, you are appreciated

your friend

David Ross

I've talked to Steve a few times on the internet and met him last Sept. He seemed like a very humble and nice guy.

Thanks David! My bribe dollars must be going a long way these All the kind words. I am humbled.

Steve is great!

I couldn't agree more.  A great guy with a love for the sport.  It is an honor to be partnering with him.

Gotta agree. Great instructor, great guy.

Truly a shinning star in our sport!! We just have to do something about that ugly mug! haha

Keep up the great work, Sambo needs you.

Jeff Malott

ISCF Director


Our love is just not meant to be...alas, we can still be friends.  I know my mug has been forever burned into your mind but, you have to move on.  I'm sure there's a homely Hoosier out there waiting for you.