? re: TKO on Saturday

Can I get tickets at the door?

Weather has been pretty shitty lately, and I've already been in a car that rolled over into a ditch on the way to Montreal once in my life.

I've always got the tickets ahead of time, so I don't know what the walkup procedure is like.

You can buy at the door but be prepared for very long line ups as most buy there



Anyone know what time they would crack the ticket window open?

Where the hell is Stephane with my answers? :)

check the Grand Prix GMac...booth 3


I'm not sure what time they'll start selling tickets, but judging from the events I've been to in the past, the lineups are huge and they don't move very fast at all. If possible, I would buy my tickets in advance, but if you can't, then I would suggest getting there early so you can be at the front of the line and avoid waiting out in the cold at the back of the line!