RE: UFC 108- help a ROOKIE with MMA BET Q's


I've never bet on MMA before, but I'm thinking of giving it a shot.  It seems there are seem decent underdog bets on UFC 108, the biggest opportunity IMO being Gilbert Yvel in the range of +250 or +285.

Volkman and Pyle don't look too terrible either, and Bang is somewhat interesting at +350.


1. What is the best site to use?  I'm familiar with betus and bodog.

2. Is there any site that gathers up what all of the odds are from the different sites so you can choose the best option?  If not, what are all the sites that I should be checking to analyze the entire playing field?

3. Do I have to do anything special other than provide a credit card number to move forward?

4. What else should I know?

Please reconsider!

Where do you live?

  1. BetUs is very easy to deposit at and (IMO) easy to use, but their methods for cashing out suck and are limited to wire and cheque, IIRC. Bodog is apparently good but when I signed up for my account their the customer service was beyond slow and terrible. A lot of other people have good experiences there. I find pinnacle to be easiest to deposit/withdraw from but you need to use Neteller for it to be reliable (that requires setting up another account there and providing ID, etc.) and they don't allow parlays, but their odds for single fights are always very good.

    Some of the european Sportsbooks are also good to bet at - Paddy Power is another I would recommend, although all their odds are in the gay decimal/fraction format. BetFair was easy to deposit at but their site has had retarded amounts of downtime recently.

    2. best fight odds

    3. Depends where you sign up, I think almost everywhere needs a scan of your card and an ID sent to them before you cash out on a CC deposit.

    4. Please reconsider!!


Thanks for your input, and (as always) for your staunch and undying support!  Best Fight Odds is exactly what I was looking for. 

So.... what are the experts recommending?  I still like Yvel for a small bet (5dimes has him at +305).

Is anyone else pondering Stout at +260, or Bang at +415?

So.... what are the experts recommending?  I still like Yvel for a small bet (5dimes has him at +305).

Is anyone else pondering Stout at +260, or Bang at +415?

I'm hardly an expert but betting for Yvel against a fighter who is known to stand & trade can't be an horrible error.

Yvel is the best underdog IMO.....Ellenberger is the best all around bet.

 How about Yvel at +800 for a win in the 1st round?

Good luck.

 ^Sorry I didn't respond earlier.  I did take a look at the odds from the clickable link you posted, but Yvel is too low.

Being a fellow MMA writer extraordinaire, are you picking any upsets tonight, ARMYOFNONE?

 Yeah, I like Pyle but Jake is a strong wrestler and excellent at avoiding submissions.  I think he'll take a decision.

There's some interesting bets on 5dimes, such as "Ludwing winning inside the distance" for +1009.    Is there usually a betting minimum?  I think that's worth throwing a few bucks at.

DO NOT bet on Stout

Mike Sanders - Please reconsider!

 Mike Sanders played a direct role in my avoidance of betting on this one... that and I couldn't get my funds approved quickly enough.

I did a "mock bet" to see how it would have turned out. 

I would've at least broke even if not won a few bucks.  I was going to do (4) $5 bets on:

Ludwig winning in the 1st round at +2000

Yvel winning in the 1st round at +900

Thiago and Rashad going to a draw at +7000 (which was actually a slim possibility)

Semtex to win in the 1st round at +478 (I think, might have been +600)

The Semtex fight was the only one that went through, and at +478 I would've raked in a cool $3.98 (thanks a fuckin lot, Sanders).

 ^I'm liking Nate Diaz at +260.

The thing I found most interesting about the potential bets were the "IF Bets".  I would rather throw a small amount of cash on a fighter winning by a certain method or certain round for a bigger payout than just betting on the winners.

Nates at +260?! im gona have to catch that before odds drop,only fight i picked last night was Stout at +220,almost bet on Silva but i really didnt know if Rashad would stand which i would have been counting on,luckily i backed off