re: watching Bruce Lee footage

MartialArtsfan wrote: "Streiter is correct in what he points out. I think people should go back and watch Bruce Lee in action and the techniques he used, and you will soon realize that it has no resemblence whatsoever with MMA."

Thank you for pointing this important fact out. I have watched Bruce's non-cinema stuff many times and always come away with a similar impression: man this guy holds his hands way too low, has horrible boxing, not much power, and looks pretty stiff and robotic when attempting high kicks.

As for Steve Reiter, I don't really remember what he wrote because I tend to tune out after the fourth or fifth expletive.

As for Matt, he is sitting next to me planning the fifth day of an awesome 10-day seminar we are doing in Ireland and England. The first four days have been a great mix of Crazy Monkey, Clinch, and BJJ, with an average of 80 people in attendance. The guys over here are super cool and way more into training in 2004 than fantasizing about 1971.


John Frankl

I can't wait to meet you in Portland John. I have heard nothing but great things about you (as both a person and a martial artist). See you in March. I hope you won't be offended when I submit you. LOL.

"ive seen plenty of great boxersn mma fighters and kickboxers keep thier hands low."

We all have; that does not mean it is a good idea.

Some extremely genetically gifted fighters will get away with this, the rest will get hurt. Sakuraba is a great MMA fighter but precisely this poor habit got him knocked out in his latest encounter with Silva. Of course, there are many other examples.

As a coach, I strive to be able to teach and help all people, not just the genetically gifted. The Crazy Monkey structure, for one example, enables anyone to safely defend him or herself in striking range. I find this a much more sensible approach than holding one's hands in a horrible position and then relying on genetic gifts--all of which will fade with age by the way--for defense.

John Frankl