Reach abuser vs reach master

Haha I'm not serious with that title.

This is toward jones vs machida now when I read this was happening I tried to play out in my head an I just can't come up with a winner but I can come up with this.

Machida uses distance an speed to leap in in counter.

Jones uses reach to keep opponents away an just throw everything under the sun to break down his opponents.

So mabey machida by timing jones and suprising him on the inside??

Idk but to me this is either going to be a boring ud or one of the best entertaining chess matches ever.

How do you guys see this going not just a winner but what strategy you see these guys going for?? Phone Post

Elusive v unorthodox.

On paper, Elusive wins, but jones is bigger and longer and I reckon he'll take Machida to a decision with jabs and kicks. Phone Post

Ghan - Don't forget that Jones has a hell of a top game. He doesn't need to stand with Machida, though Machida is very hard to take down.

I don't remember who was the last person to shoot on machida if it's Randy besides him Phone Post