reaching ur poker peak

my brother had an interesting point when he talked about people hitting their peak in terms of playing poker.

he used the analogy to people pursueing other activities. for example, a person that has just started playing golf, takes all the lessons and plays everyday, will probably only get to a certain level, for whatever reason, they probably wont get any better. or take for example a person that plays basketball, whether they r limited by physical attributes or skill level, they most probably wont make it to college ball, or even pro ball.

the same goes with poker, some people, no matter how many books they read, how many hands they play, will probably never ever play high limit poker. my brother, not wanting to sound like im blowing smoke up his ass, imo, does really well, his pt stats dont lie, and i really believe that he can make something out of this poker thing. whereas, my other brother, has played for not so long, but has read books, and has played a lot of hands as well, but he is still languishing in the 25/50c nl games, he multis 4 tables, and has a tough time moving forward. he can pretty much crush the 10/25c games, but whenever he tries to make the move up that one step, he cant seem to bust through.

so tell me, is it becasue he has peaked, or its a mental thing??

From what I've observed you don't have to be that talented to be a pro

as for peaking, all pros including 70-something yr old doyle brunson state that they are continuously improving their game

You probably don't peak like with more physical sports. The brain keeps on learning.

Its like in hockey...Your physical skills will peak at probably 25 years old or so. But you can still improve the mental part of the game till your 40+.

For example. Trevor Linden has really slowed down as a hockey player, but his mental game is still very sharp. Also i bet if you could put in 35 year old Trevor Lindens brain into 21 year old Trevor Lindens body you would have an even BETTER Trevor Linden.

i understand that u should improve, but some people will max out, and wont get any further, they might get to the 100nl or even the 200nl games, but cant get further. for some reason, whether its the money issue, or they cant seem to beat the higher buyin games.

i know my brother used to say that losing $500 on a hand bothered him a few months back, but now, he 8 tables and he just keeps playing, doesnt say a word when someone sucks out on him for a 2 outer

The thing is, as you get better and better, you plug leaks in your game.

Everyone has leaks in their game, some big, some mediuim, and some small.

As you improve, you plug the biggest leaks and so.

So as you get better, it gets harder and harder to improve.

At some point, it's just not worth the effort to continue improving, or the player doesn't even recognize the fact that he does have leaks.

A lot of it also depends on the work ethic of the player and his drive to improve.