Reading Eddie Bravo's JJ Unleashed

And I can't help but wonder how many times these moves have worked in actual fighting not just sport-grappling where the opponent is baffled by a new technique.(Sorry to be a doubting Thomas)

I like how he did the book, easy to follow. The fresh perspective is also appreciated. Wondering why did he quit competing after his Royler win? Look foward to seeing him compete again hopefully.

I am not trolling or flaming, I honestly want to know. How many times have his invented techniques worked in MMA? The rubber guard works in MMA? Half-guard is better than full-guard in MMA?

When I hear the word "combat" I think of war which means that just about 99% of everything in mma, bjj and SW has never actually been applied.  In combat people use guns.

That is preposterous. I mean hand to hand combat.

Hand to Hand combat is also a military term meaning very close range fighting when the ammunition is out and bayonets, knives, shovels and helmets are used to kill the enemy. That also has nothing to do with this site which is centered around a sport, not war.

LOL @ you. Hand to hand implies exactly that, hands. Anywyas that's not the question, replace combat with fighting and the problem is solved ok buddy?

Hand to hand means without projectile weapons... anything else is in the game.

Ridgeback, your name isn't Brian by any chance is it?

Slapmaster...I agree with you. I still dont know what Eddie has done to get the kind of props that he does. Certainly tapping Royler was huge. But a champions respect is built over a record of wins. Not a single match. I really do feel that if they grappled 10x that wouldnt happen again. And even if it did, we are talking about Royler Gracie who has been in more NHB,MMA,Grappling and Gi matches than 95% of the competitors out there. He is what? 40 yrs old and at the end of his stellar career? Not making excuses at all...just stating what seems obvious to me.

Plus I dont know if Eddie's students or followers have been able to apply these moves in any other type of competition(MMA, Submissions, etc.)Certainly the guy is very talented. I dont think that is the question. I just think he gets more props than he has earned.

On another note....the whole "combat" thing is just a way for them to change the subject.

Eddie has skills and I don't think his book is meant to be a style that's all it's own. It's different moves to compliment your overall game.

I believe that the most important facet to any endeavor is to master the basics first. The techniques in Bravo's book are far from that, but once you have the basics down you want to expand the horizons of your game as far as possible and that's what Eddie is doing. Alot of the stuff in his book won't apply to many grapplers cause you have to be so damn flexible.

Eddie has a very good competition background, no where near as good as Rolyers or JJ Machados or a number of other guys. I bet he'd be the 1st to tell you that, but the best competitor is not always the best teacher.

I also know that some of his moves(The Twister) have been pulled off in MMA competition by Strebendt.

Just for the record, I've never met Eddie, trained under Eddie or seen him in person. I've read his book and found some techniques helpful to my game and discarded what I didn't like.

actually Eddie stopped after his loss to Leo Viera,

on his twister dvd he shows competition footage of him using the moves in tournaments.

also beating Royler Gracie is an amazing accomplishment in itself, after that theres not much more to accomplish.


Main Entry: hand-to-hand
Pronunciation: 'han-t&-'hand, -d&-
Function: adjective
: involving physical contact or close enough range for physical contact <hand-to-hand fighting>

LOL at you for implying I am ignorant when you don't know the real definition.

Are you trying to say that Eddie's moves aren't for street fighting without weapons when you are only fighting one person on a soft surface?  You do know that a big chunk of what is taught in bjj is useless in a real fight right?  Why are you singling Eddie out when every famous bjj instructor teaches moves which are functional for sport but not a fight?


No that is not my name.

a lot of people have a lot of opinions on eddies game when they have never even stopped by to train with us. its interesting to hear uninformed opinions

btw, eddie didnt stop competing. he was supposed to have a match with parrumphina but the hurricane hit and parrumphina was affected badly.  eddie will compete again.

beyond that, both gerald strebendt and jason chambers have won mma fights with twisters, so to say that no one has done anything with his games is pretty ridiculous

"but the best competitor is not always the best teacher."

This is very true. I'm not saying this in Bravos case because I don't know him, but I've seen this with many wrestling coaches. They weren't great wrestlers but are championship team coaches.

Besides, anyone who can beat Royler has reached the top and a book is warranted. I'll be checking it out.

"Slapmaster...I agree with you. I still dont know what Eddie has done to get the kind of props that he does. "

Quite a few Team Quest fighters are using Eddie's concepts.

quit a few team quest guys stop by, in fact.


Just to be clear, I dont doubt Eddie's skill. And never implied that a book wasn't warranted. In fact I own it myself, and think a lot of it is useful!


My post wasn't directed at you or anyone for that matter. I thought your post was good.

Reaching the top by beating Royler is an exaggeration but it is a big accomplishment. As some of us say in wrestling, it means nothing unless you win the "big show."

war ( P ) Pronunciation Key (w?r)

A) A state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties.

B) The period of such conflict.

C) The techniques and procedures of war; military science.

D) A condition of active antagonism or contention: a war of words; a price war.

E) A concerted effort or campaign to combat or put an end to something considered injurious: the war against acid rain.

com·bat ( P ) Pronunciation Key (km-bt, kmbt)
v. com·bat·ed, or com·bat·ted com·bat·ing, or com·bat·ting com·bats or com·bats
v. tr.
A) To oppose in battle; fight against.

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v. intr.
C) To engage in fighting; contend or struggle.

n. (kmbt)
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"Still why did he quit competing after his Royler win? It doesn't make much since if he wanted to prove his style was truly superior."

He's riding his Royler win all the way to the bank. Why risk losing the fame he garnered from that win?

I'm sure CUO will also tell you that the loss to Viera was because he was just emotionally drained by the Royler match...

I guess there is little truth to the saying "no one remembers who came in second", or whatever place it was he finished. If he won the ADCC that year, that would definitely be worthy.

In closing, I purchased JJ Unleashed and it has worked wonders for my half guard game.

"I'm sure CUO will also tell you that the loss to Viera was because he was just emotionally drained by the Royler match"

and im sure youve never done or will do anything as momentous as eddies win in your life, so you could never understand any of what he was going through.  when have you ever beat an idol of yours and seen how it feels?

when bjj goes to all no gi, that will be the moment in the record books that martial arts historians say changed everything, and eddie will be the guy at the head of that revolution. 

yeah, i know you all laugh now, but you dont know if you are right or if i am, and we wont find out until twenty years from now.