Reagan Penn

What's the deal with BJ Penn's little brother?

Anyone know if/when/what/how he plans on fighting MMA?


So is this just a dumb ass question that I should already know the answer too.

Or does no one know what's up?

 Dumb ?

 I think he has some recurring injuries that prevent it.

But he is planning on fighting?

I was just watching the Penn-90 days extra doc. and it got me thinking.

He's fighting GSP

I thought BJ (Baby Jay) was the youngest? I believe that Reagan has several other ways to make a good living and is a bit older than BJ. If so, maybe he just isnt as motivated to compete?

Reagan is younger and has a BJJ game much like BJ. I just don't think he has the drive to compete and is happy doing and teaching BJJ

If i remember correctly he has some pretty bad knee issues that prevent him from competing

He loves computers and video games so no fighting for him!