REAL DEAL Holyfield vs Tyson

I was rewatching one of the Tyson vs Holyfield matches on the Youtube yesterday evening, the one with the TKO Ref Stoppage ending and what was so impressive is that Holyfield did not try to “stick and move” but he FEARLESSLY went right in there and fought with IronMike on the inside to make for such an exciting fight!

He really was THE REAL DEAL!

…and Mike really showed he wasn’t just a bully which won on intimidation as he made a strong-willed effort to give THE REAL DEAL a REAL FIGHT!

I think that loss was maybe Mike Tyson’s Greatest Performance! He didn’t back down…TOE to TOE with THE REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD!

Was it a big win for Holyfield?

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It was a BIG WIN for BOTH of THEM!


The story is Evander always had Tysons number. Even as amateurs.

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Holyfield fought Qawi as a cruiser weight. He knew how to fight someone who was shorter and had great defense.

Holyfield is my favourite fighter and these Tyson fights were the biggest deals at the time. I remember every pub being packed to the rafters, it’s like every male sports fan on the planet was watching those fights on those days.

I can’t be the only one who thinks the fight was stopped early.

That first punch almost sent Holyfield to the canvas.