Real estate agents : Tell me everything

I've been a realtor for 25 years. Echoing a lot of what was said here.  Largest retention rate out there.  80+ percent don't make it a year.  For very good reason.  This is an area dominated by women, they make people feel at ease, so they succeed.  If you don't have a type-a personality and look the part, you will falter. You will be lucky to make 10-15 the first year and that's if you work hard. 

You think its going to be easy and just work when you want, you'll be poor.

If you are good looking, have a great, non-threatening type-a personality WITH a huge sphere of influence, you will rock it.  Best job ever. 

You’ll get a lot of opportunity to fuck hotties in their houses or the houses they want you to “show” them.

Not sure on the US but 99% of the people involved in real estate in Australia are fucking losers. 

cruedi - If you're just starting out try to get with keller williams, they seem to help train agents real well. Many firms don't help them at all, hence the above post that 90% don't make it.

Yes we were with Keller Williams and then Harcourt's but the franchise fees are not worth the extra outlay, plus those of sales don't work in tropical expat investment market.

Here I rely more on my legal and finance backgrounds to consult for the client on structures, yields and capital appreciation. This way I can often get paid even if it's not my listings/development that I sell. 

No 1 thing is KNOW your shit. Do no harm. Don't rip people off, if it's a shit hole. Tell them it's a shit hole if the price is right.