Real Estate Books?

What are some good books that explain how to start in investing in real estate. I have done this before, but I want to get serious about it. Any help would be great.


What type of RE investing are you interested in?

  • rehabbing
  • buy & hold
  • commercial
  • residential

What are your goals?

  • quick money
  • tax shelter
  • long-term planning

Robert Bruss is a nationally syndicated author and columnist that reviews many of the current titles. has a lot of info...

It all depends on where you're at, and where you want to go.

I am looking at this point to buy and hold for residentail but I knew more, I might be open to more ideas. This is a long term plan for now.

An oldy but goody is "The Monopoly Game" by Dave Glubetich - it covers the benefits of pyramiding your equities.

Also "Landlording" by Leigh Robinson - covers the ins & outs of "people" management.

I like "Nothing Down" by Robert Allen too - it's a good intro into terms buying.

Hope this helps...

You might want to check out Value Investing in Real Estate by Gary Eldred.

I've started it and am favorably impressed so far.