Real Estate dropping crime data because no one wants to

live near black people without realizing they are the ones saying only black people commit crimes and only whites do not want to live near crime areas


we know a married couple
both White, progressive, self described “Woke”, and from the Midwest but transplanted to NYC a few years ago

the wife got a higher paying job in Philadelphia and since they are “woke” they bought a place in Camden, NJ (across the bridge from Philadelphia)

fucking Camden, New Jersey…of course they bought a condo in a “luxury” high rise type building that they can look down on the rest of the city of Camden from lol


You definitely King Trav’d them by letting them move to Camden.

“I have the nicest place in Gary Indiana!”


I’ve been to Camden. Lol at paying to move there


People bring up Paterson, NJ as being bad, and it is in several pockets of the city

BUT at least Paterson has lots of commerce, businesses, large hospitals, new buildings being developed, and a booming local economy

Camden is pure depression. only things going for it are Government offices really
they have a good outdoor music venue, and that is about it

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OP, Do you want to know how I know you are not a female? You don’t have periods.

Oh, and your name.

Oh, and your last name is hard as fuck dude.

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That’s STREET!

We drove down to Donkey’s Place right before we moved.

Even on the edges, fuck Camden.

Philly is a mess too.

You can debate the reasons for the stats all day (systemic racism, social inequity, unfair sentencing guidelines, etc) but the stats are the stats.


It’s tough to debate that when the stats are identical in every country around the world. lol

there are reasons for why the stats are the way they are. it’s all poverty driven and there are debatable reasons of why people of color or class are impoverished in any country in the world.

but the stats are still the stats.


So why do well off black areas have similar crime to poor white ones

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you’re going to have to back that one up.

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New business opportunity: “Show me the HouseFax”


I took the locals tour of Philly a few years ago when myself, my mother, my sister and her EXBF - who’s from Philly took a road trip there from NYC to his mother’s house so he could pick something up, or do something, I don’t remember. Everything about the city seemed grim - especially the economically challenged hood that dude’s mom lived in.

The only part of the day that was any good was when we stopped at the Mütter Museum which is dedicated to medical oddities and other yucky things.

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i never said there weren’t reasons. most of them are debatable.

but the stats are the stats.

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I worked in Camden around 20 years ago for about a week. Was lucky to make it out alive with all my belongings

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