Real Fighter mag - The Difference

A lot of people ask "Why read MMA mags when you can read the Internet for free?"

Here is my answer: The new issue of Real Fighter has a story on fighters and the aging process. For the story, the writer of the article (a professional journalist who spent years as a crime-beat reporter for a Las Vegas newspaper) interviewed Randy Couture, Mark Coleman, Chuck Liddell, Maurice Smith, Ken Shamrock, Armando Garcia, and foremost expert Dr. Jonathon Ivy.

What other MMA outlet delves this deeply?

Also in this issue, a feature about guys we want to see in MMA. The author speaks with Mariusz Pudzianowski, Cael Sanderson, Buakaw Pro Pramuk and more, about the chances of ever seeing them in the cage.

These are not your typical Q&As with softball questions posed to just one fighter. Real Fighter has a quality and depth you cannot find on the internet or in any other MMA magazine.

Please check out the new issue with Brandon Vera on the cover, on newsstands now.

ttt for the magazine that finally got my neighbor's 7 year old to read.

Nice cover McQuaid, and those articles sound good.

I'll be nice and not say anything about "depth you cannot find on the internet or in any other MMA magazine." LOL


"ttt for the magazine that finally got my neighbor's 7 year ol"

That makes me feel warm inside. Real Fighter: We Change Lives.


Goku: You could, but nobody does. I think it is too time prohibitive for
most internet sites, where content turns over incredibly fast.

The best MMA Mag out there for sure.

mcquaid- How could I get in touch with you regarding being a possible contributor/writer for the magazine?

The grocery store I shop at, in the middle of nowhere mind you, started selling your mag. I was stoked, bought the last three. then they stopped selling them, WTF.
Anyhow, if I subscribe, will you make sure to send me a t-shirt that would fit my body? most mags won't stock a 5xt.
BTW I am a pro fighter, so when I make it big, I'll remember the little people who helped me along the way. LOL



The fourth man: e-mail me at

TACKLE: Did you mean 5XL? Holy S--t. I could paint REAL FIGHTER on my
car cover and send it to you. (Just kidding Tackle, it's just a joke. Easy,
big fellah)

mcquaid, can you email me, I have something I'd like to ask you




I meant 5 xlt (5 extra large tall)
I am 6'3" 345
You could call Omar the tent maker.

LOL @ goku there's always public transport too. I love a good read of MMA mags on the train or the subway


Droc - message sent

No matter what people say, there will always be room for print journalism.

Contratry to some of the opinions expressed here, there is a HUGE difference between online and print journalism. The most notable and critical difference is length of stories and depth of exploration.

My first job out of college was a staff writing position at an organization whose sole literary presence was online. What become immediately clear was that long or esoteric articles in topic or in form didn't get read. We even tracked the traffic to prove it.

The online format is great for articles short to moderate in length. And that length generally minimizes how probing the author can be or heavy the topic can get. Online content also thrives on "the now" with quick updates. Journalism essentially forms around the technology available. Blogs are the perfect expression of online journalism.

By contrast, the print form basically gives the author free reign to explore and expand. Writing in any form should be parsimonious, but if you think there's no difference between print and online, chances are you don't do much reading either online or in print.

ttt for Real Fighter

I'l buy a copy when I see it.

Cocky: We are not available on UK newstands yet but we can do a
subscription. We have some international subscribers.
glock4life: Check out Borders or Barnes&Noble