Real Judo Cover: Tetsu Okano

Potent action pic of Tetsu Okano on the cover of the new Real Judo Magazine. Wicked lookin' left uchimata.

yea, its a damn good throw.

ive fallen victim to it enough times to tell ya that he can throw anybody who falls asleep for even a moment with it.

-81kg is gonna be very interesting at the trials.

yeah it was a good pic on the cover , but i think after reading it they should change the name to "real judo nate torra". he was on every page.

no comment. but, well said.

I didn't care for Martin Bregman's column. He used a piss poor comparison and then insinuated nefarious behavior of certain individuals.

My .02 when a dude is laying motionless on the grid-iron after a hit then everyone rightfully assumes it is a broken neck or paralysis. Conversely, when an individual is choked out in judo everyone rightfully realizes that it is a non-serious situation and revival is but moments away based on seeing it occur many times prior at shiai. So to compare spectator or paricipant reaction is ridiculous.

IMHO a choke-out in judo is analogous to a knockout in boxing. In a championship bout the reaction of the victor in both scenarios would initially be one of jubilation. This should be extremely obvious.

I was not present for the comp in question but the article definitely did not read right to me.

Given the many comments I've seen here about North American refs. not appreciating shimewaza, or newaza in general, I wonder if the column reflects Mr. Bregman's underlying attitude about shimewaza.

osakomi , that was the best part about the magazine , i think everything he said was true . just because chuck was the underdog doesn't make it right for his entourage to go crazy .

it was a good match , but i think they could have had a lot more class . i also think the ref should have taken a good punch to the head after .

jt, Like I stated above I wasn't there but the comparison of the crowd and participant reaction in each case was flat out dumb, apples & oranges, so at least that part of his article was inaccurate.

When a contender in boxing knocks out the champ shouldn't his initial reaction and those of his handlers and fans be one of elation? That is the comparison that relates closely to a judo choke out of a champion and in no way should be compared to an opponent's or fan's reactions to some football player laying motionless with perhaps a broken neck.

If i choked out a good player I'd be stoked!!

Definately!!! Its a good feeling and you know the guy will be ok.

I feel my above written posts are obviously what occurred. The author seems to be insinuating/suggesting otherwise which would be that the opposition player, his coach and fans all were celebrating a serious injury which is horseshit IMHO.

My opinion is coming from a judo fan and subscriber to the magazine and I am not privy to any info other than what is presented in the article. That being said the article certainly seems divisive and harsh. I'm surprised there are hard feelings hanging around.

No judoka wishes harm to another and especially those in question IMHO and for me to think contrary would be anathema to all I have learned from judo.

Josh, Yeah buddy I'd love to be able to watch those trials. Potent!

MM, Yeah for sure and that would be everyone's reaction in the same circumstance.

I have yet to read the article but it seems to me that you are talking about the finals at the US open this year with Chuck and Jim. Let me say first that I think that Chuck won with poise and did not disrespect Jim in any way. Everyone respects Jim Pedro who wouldn't. I was on the sideline with my teammates during the match and I could clearly see another "entourage" behind Mr. Pedro screaming and yelling as we were during the final. Not one of us knew how serious the choke was when the Ippon was called and we broke out in cheer for Chuck. Damn it who wouldn't. We all train together every day we are a team and when your team mate wins a big match you cheer. Last year we all cheered when Chuck won the finals too. No one was so insulted that articles had to be written. When I saw that it seemed more serious I was genuinely concerned too. No one wants to see a judo player hurt. But, I was still happy for Chuck. Let's make it clear that we were cheering for Chucks win not at Jim Pedro's being injured. There's a big difference. I watched earlier in the day when Mike Pedro beat one of our teammates and the sidelines was not quiet at all behind Mike's coach. In fact I believe they were cheering the entire time and believe it or not even after the match. Should we be insulted? Should we write articles about it? Maybe in the future no one should be allowed matside during finals other than the coach. I know I wouldn't mind that. But as long as others cheer on their team from behind their coach, our "entourage" will be right there too.

John, That is what I thought. Thanks. You are not going to like that article at all. On the outside looking in and based on my life involvement with judo I felt immediately that it was unjustified. My perspective comes from a completely objective and unbiased bird's eye.

ive read the article. im not going to comment on it becuase i promised people i wouldnt.

id love nothing more than to blast a few select people over this garbage article, but im really not gonna get into it.

lol. banned from 6 cities now.

I only chirp in on this because I would prefer to do it beofre reading
anything. From the tone I am hearing I see that there may be a
negativity towards the SJSU guys and that if true will be completely
wrong and unjustified.

I was there and was actually running towards the mat long before
Ippon was called - actually David C and I were both heading from
opposite positions on the mat. I read into the referee's actions what I
will and will hold those comments for another time. David and I both
know a ton about newaza and can respect it when it is done properly,
but when an athlete is put in jeapardy because of anothers missed
action - I get all out pissed off.

It was a great match up and if dog or clown would like to refute the
fact that I have more respect for Jimmy then most outside of Jason -
from all the battles that we had as well as the training and traveling
together for over 10 years, then I say you are high as hell and do
challenge you at the nationals to prove your point. I really do like
Jimmy as a man, a fighter, a coach, and as a father. He is great at all of
the above and is worthy of more respect then this country has given
him thus far.

That said there is no way anyone could have known how bad the choke
was unless they were in it and there was only one person who knew. I
saw Mike Pedro really upset and with good cause - it is his brother
(someone he has looked up to for years) but to think that it was done
on purpose so that the SJSU guys could gloat is insane. It is a fight and
emotions will always run high especially in a final, but leave it at that. I
hope that the write up in RJ gives good praise to the victor (Chuck) as
well as the valiant fight of Jimmy. I wish them both the best going into
the Trials, but I encourage everyone to make no more of this then the
fact that it was a great fight. We have enough splits in this country to
try and manufacture more is counter productive. The SJSU guys for as
long as I have been associated with them (long ass time) have had the
utmost respect for Jimmy and Jason, even though there is a group that
would like to manufacture a different paradigm. In this match you have
the emotions of the finals as opposed to the emotions of the family. I
see no one yelling about the people in the crowd cheering or the fact
that Mike Pedro was yelling at the crowd about taking pictures of
Jimmy out (why you would want that is beyond me).

I handle my business one on one and then leave it at that. If you have
an issue with me clown or dog as to how I feel about Jimmy then I
truely encourage you to find me in San Diego and we can handle it then
and there on the mat. I love that guy like a brother most times and only
want the best for him and his famliy. His dad helped me more then you
will ever know, so if you want to try and insult this post I will see you in
Cali. I was one of the first people to Jimmy when his dad brought him
off the mat (unfortunately Jimmy didn't remember that when I went to
talk with him - cause I truely feared for his safety).

I think my feelings are known now - don't even get me started on the
referee situation ok. Folks there is no issue here other then a great
match let that just spur to come to San Jose and the trials to see how it
all turns out. This is great for Judo it is great 73k and hopefully it will
spur on our next Olympic Medalist to greatness none of us has ever


ummmmmmmm. alright. whatever.

just got a little irked with the whole topic of the SJSU guys having it in
for anyone

Here is the article in question:

Verbatim from Issue 22 Real Judo Magazine, page 12.

COMPARISON OF TWO INCIDENTS by Martin L. Bregman - IJF A Referee

"The athlete lay face down, unmoving, unconscious. His opponent after a brief moment of glee realized the gravity of the situation and stood nearby, concerned. The athlete's coach knelt by the fallen athlete, who was arguably the best competitor in the arena. Three members of the medical staff knelt around him trying to revive him. He was not respondding. The opponent's coach was also standing over the fallen warrior, concerned. The crowd was hushed, the competition halted by the situation. The loud speaker was silenced. Eventually the athlete was removed from the field of play, to a standing ovation of both his own fans and the opposing fans of the home team. The athlete was Senior Linebacker Antonio Crow of the Louisiana Tech Football team, playing at the University of Tulsa Football Stadium. The opposing receiver, Jermaine Landrum, stood showing concern for his fallen opponent. The coach, Jack Bicknell of the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Fottball team knelt by his side, the opposing coach Steve Kragthorpe of the University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane, stood nearby to give support in any way he could. Crow was strapped to a gurney and removed from the field and was later reported to be doing fine.


The athlete lay face down, unmoving, unconscious. His opponent continued to jump around the mat waving his arms even though his opponent showed no sign of movement. The athlete's coach and father knelt by the fallen athlete, arguably the best competitor in the arena. three members of the medical staff knelt around him trying to revive him. He was not responding. The opponent's coach was also cheering and pumping his fist unconcerned. The crowd was cheering and screaming, the competition halted by the result of the last final of the day. The loud speaker was announcing that the medalists should report to the victory stand to receive their medals. Eventually the athlete was removed from the field of play, to sporadic applause generally from his own supporters while many of the "opposition" continued to cheer.

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