real life Stewie from Family guy?

That's fucked up man


The Head, imo.



Not cool Phone Post

Poor lil girl.

Might make me a bit Beta on OG standards.., but seeing stuff like that always makes me sad.. Phone Post

Jesus that was sad....

That's somebody's child you cunt. Phone Post 3.0

Poor kid. Phone Post

Sucks, poor baby Phone Post 3.0

Says a lot about a poster who finds humor in this.  Voted down.

:' (

Poor thing. Phone Post 3.0

On the bright side, Maybe she'll she'll be wicked smart. Phone Post

Mookie 3:16 -

Says a lot about a poster who finds humor in this.  Voted down.

This Phone Post 3.0

IDOHARM - I was just reading about this, oddly enough. There's a legend of cryptids called "melon heads" living in the United States. The condition is called Hydrocephalus. Phone Post 3.0

In Connecticut we use to go looking for them......I think it was them. Phone Post

poor kid

Looks more like Roger Smith's human baby disguise.

Hell... I go there now.

Yup, my car actually died on that road, we were all drinking underage abd my car wouldn't start. Had to walk quite a ways to find help. No cellphones then. Phone Post

OP = Asshole IRL and in the "Webz" Phone Post 3.0