Real linear attacks

Thank you for your answer nowaydo.
But what if my flich is to turn around my body covering my face?
How does it helps me to initiate an attack?

And it will deter linear punches but you know there´s a lot of people that when they puch, they lift up his knee to cover. And if I go forward, it could impact on my solar plexus or groin.


NOwaydo, Appreciate the apology. BUt I dont think the answer is 'no more comments'. I just think the comments should reflect the situation.

1. If this forum were a corporate boardroom, there'd be a protocol.

2. If it were a professional conference there'd be a protocol.

3. If it was a bunch of annonymous people in a chatroom, there would be a protocol.

Each group would have a protocol that 'deferred' respect or authority to a moderator or an 'expert' or board directors and so.

And coincidently, isnt the Mental Edge a blend of all three? Business associates [PDR TEam], martial artists specializing or intersted in self-defense and strangers identified alone by an alias....

I think Stansfield's observations are fairly accurate, in that, 'observations' should not be made as 'statements of fact' and 'comments' should be identified as 'personal' or 'quoted'...while this may seem tedious, it is one of the reasons this forum, for the most part, has consistent lucid dialogue.


I´ve been exposed to little stuff about THE SPEAR system and I have a couple of question, cause I´m trying to practice it.

1) How is it possible to change a "normal reaction response" that everybody makes whether he wants it or not? I´m talking about the flinch response. Because it´s like whether if I train or not another response, I´m going to keep doing the flinch response because is something that I do whether I want it or not.

2) When I practice the tactical spear I wonder, what if the agressor throw a linear front kick at me? If I go forward, it is going to impact on me (maybe on my groing). The same with a linear punch. How can I position myself to make the opponent choose another way of attack than a linear punch or kick?


"The close combat stance will deter linear punches"

nowaydo, what does the combat stance look like?

Hey S,

That is a great point.

At the Q&A BJJ they are SUPER strict about that,
and simply do not the time to allow a freewheeling
series of responses. I really appreciate that Coach
Blauer has found a happy medium this way.