Real Property Practice Problems

I'm looking for a website that has practice problems (w/ answers) for real property. I mainly want to focus on easements and covenants; any ideas?

oh, good luck. my property prof couldn't figure out what was going on with real property, and he wrote the textbook.

I forgot about, thanks for the reminder.

Xtina - that's pretty bad

Figure this one out for me. This is a real problem I am facing right now.

Mr. and Mrs. A are poor and elderly. Mr. A has a son by a previous marriage. Mrs. A is the son's step-mother. Mr. A's son is married. For the sake of the problem the son and wife will be called Mr. and Mrs. B. Mrs. A, the elderly lady has two sons by a previous marriage. They are both addicted to crack and single. We will call them Mr. C and Mr. D.

Mr. B does not want his father to live out his life in section 8 housing. Accordingly, Mr. and Mrs. B buy a house for Mr. and Mrs. A. Both couples are on the deed as jtwros.

Mrs. A dies :(. Mr A gets remarried immediately, but does not tell anybody. Mr. A decides that he wants the former Mrs. A's sons on the deed. Mr. and Mrs. B agree and a quit-claim is signed transfering title from Mr. A jtwros Mr. B and Mrs. B to Mr. A jtwros Mr. B and Mrs. B jtwros Mr. C jtwros Mr. D. In the State of Confusion(a ficticious state) an individuals spouse MUST sign the deed in order for the transfer to be valid if the property is homestead. Homestead meaning an indviduals primary residence. The house is the primary residence of Mr. A and the new Mrs. A. No consideration was paid by Mr. C or Mr. D.

5 years later, Mr. A gets pissed off at Mr. C and Mr. D and forges a deed vesting title to Mr. A jtwros Mr. B and Mrs. B. Basically, he took Mr. C and Mr. D off of the deed. Mr. B does not talk to Mr. C or D so when his father died, he thought he owned the proprty outright. 10 years later, Mr. B sells the property for a $200,000 profit. He sold the property to Mr. E and Mrs. E. Mr. and Mrs. E gave SSF, LLC two mortgages on the property to finance the purchase.

Mr. C and Mr. D have both been deported now. However, they find out that there step-brother made $200k in profit on the house and sue to recover so that they can obtain funds to purchase more crack. Their claim is for constructive fraud against Mr. B and Mrs. B, Mr. E and Mrs. E, the notary who notarized the deed and the mortgage company. Count II is for Quiet Title against all parties except the notary. Count III is for recision of deed against all parties except the notary.

In the mean time, in between the 4th and 5th amended complaint, the SSF, LLC mortgage files for a chapter 7 bankruptcy in another jurisdiction within the United States.

There you go, a true to life problem for you to solve.

crickets chirping @ bflex's problem. LOL. Honestly though, we handled most of that stuff on the mid-term. It wasn't much fun then either. Thanks though.

Also, by "real property practice problems" I meant "real property" practice problems, not "real" property problems that actual lawyers who know what the ---- they're doing see on a daily basis.

If myself, the judge, the opposing counsel or the bankruptcy trustee knew the answer to that question I wouldn't be asking you!

Bills 1/2 hour for unproductive consultation with a "real estate academic"

LOL. where's my cut?

why except against the notary? Is the notary an employee of he title company?

I have something similar, but not as complex right now with a wife forging a POA to acknowledge a mortgage.

(I'm a real estate paralegal, not an attorney)

I had a hearing on this case this morning and we were all confused and I said "Your Honor, on top of all of this, it violates the rule against perpetuities!" To which the Judge stated "Don't you dare bring that into this. I don't care if there is a perpetuities violation. Don't you dare!" There isn't and it had nothing to do with perpetuities, but we all laughed anyways.

USRAP for the win!!!