Real Road Racing

Nice vid pete - was watchint the UGP highlights over the weekend. Mad stuff!

Shit man, I havent seen any of it. Absolutely gutted as I used to live for late night RPM motorsport and a couple of brews.I'm over in Australia at the mo.

I heard Darren Lindsay was killed, sad news...

If you're in australia, you probably heard the ground rumble when pete brock died recently.

That dude ruled bathurst.

ttt for later

Yeah man, It seems all the big guns in real road racing are leaving us. Darren this year, Richard Briton, David Jeffries..... the list just gets longer.

Seems like the UGP was really good this year though, Im pretty pissed that I missed it.

I'm STILL pissed that DJ is gone. He proved that fat blokes can be fast too. He even had "powered by pies" written on his bike at one stage.

Seriously though, the guy was a feckin legend.