Real Story

Let me tell you a real story that happened a few days ago in my town and it was on the covers of every local newspapers.

"Two men, armed with handguns, entered a house at night. In the house live a family composed by father, mother, son (12 years old) and daugther (2 years old).
The attackers wanted money buy the family members didnt have much money in the house, so they put the mother into the toilet room and closed the door. Next, they tied up the father, and began to beat him with the guns trying to make him talk about where the money was (¡in front of his son and daugther!!). The little boy and girl had to watch how his father was serioulsy punished. Because the little girl didnt stop screaming, one of the attackers put his gun on the girl´s head (She is just 2 years old!!) and told the mother to make the girl shut up. They tied up the boy too, covered his head with a plastic bag and began to beat him hard with a stick and the guns. After that, and because the father didnt say where was the money (and in fact, there was no money at home), one of the attackers put a gun on the boy head and begin a countdown to shoot him. The mother inside the toilet room was hearing the countdown but she couldnt do anything. So in desperation, the father offered the car, but they didnt accepted. So they began to burn the father and his son with electricity on their feet and arms.
Finally, they took some things on the house and leave the scenario.

Now, the family are going to leave my Country.

Scary, isnt it?

How do you think you could handle this situation?



Thats a horrible story and its a reminder of how disgusting human beings can be to one another.

But with respect to your question, there is no answer and there is no 'one' answer...

Whats the moral?: Better locks, surveillance cameras, dogs, keep more money around for home-invasions, wear body armour at home, commit suicide so you never have to worry about this, booby-trap the house, arm the family...all of the above?

And even if I decided to dissect this for you, what difference would that make? Situations like these are so subtle, so subjective....this sort of problem goes back to all my 'attack specific' vs 'Scenario specific' research.

In the end its only about the 3 D'd and the three T's:

Detect, Defuse, Defend


Tools, Targets, Tactics


You´re right, Tony.
I felt touched because I thought it could happen to my family, too. We live at only 5 minutes from the incident place.

By the way, here at my town, almost 85% of every robbery, assault, rape, burglary are commited by guys armed with handguns.

Since 85% is a large percentage, do you think our training should focus more on handgun opponents treatment?

Thank you for your answer,
Marcos Castro