Real Talk: Will Tai pass his post fight piss test?

I mean he’ll be half in the bag before he exits the arena. Whats the Limit on Blood Alcohol Level in the Post fights for Nevada?


Yeah, and you know he’s smoking weed after his fight.

Doesn’t he do that after every fight though?

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He spit most of the beer out on his shirt.

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My thoughts as well.

I was like “wait they get tested post fight”

Then immediately reminded of his Shoeys on previous events

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only the Hot Sauced one from the Douche Nozzle

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In competition ends like 30 minutes after the fight? Remember the Nate Diaz post fight CBD controversy about in and out of competition times slots

What was the deal with the hot sauce? Is that a thing people do now?

I’m pretty sure that he’s not drinking so much that he’s going to drink so much that he’s going to have a win turned over in that short amount of time.

I mean we usually see one on camera from him, that might be enough to matter. I remember Chael mentioning how he even controlled his Caffeine intake by taking No Doze since he knew the exact amount in each pill instead of risking it on a pre fight energy drink or coffee.And if anyone is an expert on post fight piss, its
uncle Chael.

It was Dustin’s hot sauce, but fuck no, that better not be a thing now. Dick Move.

Masvidal was on the halfcast podcast with Tai
and Tyson Pedro; cool to see them laugh it up.

That’s a bitch move to dump all
The hot sauce in there. You saw Tai actually drink the next Shoey because his mouth was on fire hahahah.

Wont be surprised if the Hot Sauce Douche turns out to be an OG’er

The guy put the hot sauce in the shoe right in front of Tai’s face so I just assumed it’s some thing people do at bars or something.

He had no idea. He asked the guy what he put in it because he wasn’t expecting it.

They do a prefight test and a post fight. It will be easy to compare the known information.

Well I hope so, cause I don’t wanna see the NSAC pull some Diaz shit on That man.

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