Real "thug" of MMA?

Not personality wise but fighting style wise? I say Jones. The way he dominated Shogun and even back handed him at the end of the second round was "thuggish" IMO. Then the way he dropped Machida was horrific. That's a true thug.

Also can someone post a gif of Jone's back hand on Shogun to show what I'm talking about? It happen at the very end of the second round. Phone Post


It's official this place is worse than Sherdog

 Jones is like the antithesis of a thug.

Gonna go with Rampage on this one.

Born and raised in Memphis is no fucking joke.

His old interviews with PRIDE are outrageous lmao

Chris Power -  Jones is like the antithesis of a thug.

Thuggish Ruggish Bones. Phone Post

I'm talking when it comes to fighting style.

Who really embarrasses their opponent? GSP in many ways. Jones and Silva are the best though

Silva vs Griffin, that's all Phone Post

Rampage in Pride does suit a thuggish fighting style with the slams Phone Post


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