Reality Combat Results


First off I would like to thank all the guys that fought. All of the amateurs that fought all fought like seasoned pros and I was very impressed. I would also like to thank Duane Stevenson (Crutch master) for bringing his crew from TX. They were all a good group of young talented fighters who all showed a lot of heart. Heres how the fights went from my point of view.

ZACK LEVEE vs JC PENNINGTON was the first tournament match, Zack came out super aggressive using good wrestling trying hard to take JC down. JC using good take down defense against the cage catching Zack with some short shots and some knees. I dont believe the guys went down in the first round but Im not sure. Second round Zack gets the take down after some more inside fighting and tries to work the G&P but JC sinks in a nice triangle and works from their. JC was really creative mixing in some good strikes with the triangle switching to triangle, chicken wing then to arm bar for the win. Zack showed a ton of heart and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future training under Tony Canalas. JC WINNER

WILL HYMER vs CALVIN MARTIN Will Hymer was a no show. Calvin came in on a days notice so he received a bye.

JOSE NAZARIO vs ERIC MEYERS this was the third fight in the tournament. Jose who fought his last fight against JC and gave him a lot of problems came in pushing this fight with some crazy techniques landing a huge shot on Eric that stunned him momentarily. Eric came back with a huge body lock and a nice take down. Jose went back to guard quickly but Eric ground and pound was too much which caused the ref stoppage. ERIC WINNER

DUSTIN JOHNSON vs OSCAR JACKSON this was the forth tournament fight. This fight could have gone either way. I was on the end of my seat the whole fight. Dustin with some really good punch, kick combos (The cleanest technique Ive ever seen from an amateur) against Oscars mean heavy orthodox boxing. Both guys came out banging, neither afraid to get hit. Both had some really good exchanges and during one of those exchanges Oscar shoved Dustin. During the push for separation Oscars finger slid into Dustins eye. Giving Dustin his 5 minutes he could not continue and Oscar was declared the winner. This fight was shaping up to be the fight of the night. OSCAR WINNER

ERIC JONES vs LARRY SPRETTLEY 205am was another faced paced bout. The fight started with a few exchanges then went right to the ground. Larry sunk in a nice triangle which I believe gave him the victory. Eric had a pretty good size cut under his eye as well. LARRY WINNER
BRANDON BURDON vs MIKE BRAZALE 260am this fight did not happen do to Brandon not being able to pass the pre fight physical due to a training injury.

JC PENNINGTON vs CALVIN MARTIN first round of the semi final tournament. Calvin came in on a days notice fighting out of New Orleans. He came in ready to bang displaying some really good outside fighting. JC on the other hand showed some really good knees and punches from inside which I think started taking its toll on Calvin. JC got a take down and showed some dominating groundwork. Calvin spent some time on his back were he was eventually overwhelmed with punches. Calvin showed a ton of heart hanging in there longer than most pros Ive seen. JC WINNER

ERIC MEYERS vs OSCAR JACKSON second round tournament semi final. This was the classic wrestler verses striker. Oscar came out hitting Eric with the kitchen sink but Eric coming out hard himself hit Oscar with a clean rear hand that shock Oscar up also causing his nose to bleed BAD. Oscar then got the takedown. While Eric was on his back he sunk in a tight choke that received him the victory. ERIC WINNER

LUCAS RUBIO vs KYLE CRESS 170am both guys looking very physically impressive and ready to go came out exchanging some hard Thai kicks. After that Kyle snatched a nice take down were he then moved to side mount and cranked a text book deep hammer lock. Lucas is a young guy who has good promise and Kyle showed how just good solid technique will win you fights. KYLE WINNER

BIJON DEMINGS vs AARON WILLIAMS 155 pro Bijon came out hitting Erin with a nice takedown secured mount. Hitting Bijon with a few hard strike from mount then swung around for a picture perfect John Dixson kneebar who is also Aarons instructor. AARON WINNER

Tournament Final
Due to Eric and JC training together Eric respectfully pulled out of the tournament. Next in line was Oscar waiting to redeem himself after getting caught in a choke against Eric. With Oscar stepping up JC was on a mission. What a great final it was as well. You seen everything in this fight. Big punches, kicks, knees, ground work, it was great. Two major factors I think were the key in the victory in this fight, superior ground work and a busted nose. It seemed every time Oscar would get dominate position JC would pull off a reversal and hit Oscar with a lot of unanswered blows. I also know how hard it is to fight with your nose bleeding like Oscars was from his previous match. This was a war, but it was JCs night winning by unanimous decision for the Reality combat Light Weight Amateur Title. JC has now moved to pro status but will be moving down to 145 were I think he will continue being successful .

The fights really blew me away. All the guys came in win or lose and showed tons of heart. I would also like to thank my partner Jim Cunningham and everyone that helped with the event. I hope to bring Reality Combat to the top of the food chain down here in the south and keep getting the sport out there. Some guys who I thought really surprised me were Oscar Jackson, Eric Meyers and JC Pennington for winning it all. If you are interested in competing on one of our upcoming shows please contact me at or 985-768-0411. Sorry for my shitty grammar I just wanted to put out some fast results to give some credit were credit is do. Mad props to Rich Clementi for waking up early and typing all this up. Im going back to bed now.

Sounds like a greatĀ event! Glad I was there! I too would like to congratulate JC and all the fighters for some awesome fights. I want to thank everyone who helped out with this event to make it the show it turned out to be. Without your help this would not have been possible. I would also like to thank everyone that attended this event for making this show a sellout success. Rich and I will try to continue to bring the south the best NHB event's that we can.

damn, sounds like it was a great show. congrats to j.c. on the tourney win and to everyone who competed (sounds like they all came to fight).

Congrats to JC and all the fighter's put on a hell of a show.

Couple things I'd like to say about the night:

JC turned it up a notch from when I have seen him fight in the past and really took it to everyone he fought. He looked better in the cage tonight then I have personally ever seen him. ELMO told me the same thing ringside after on of his tourney wins.

Eric Meyers is a true friend and loyal teammate to step down from such an opportunity to allow his Team Voodoo partner to take home all the glory. He was also wrecking people in the cage and looked awesome.

Oscar Jackson has a huge heart and loves to bang. He took some serious punishment, and was still able to dish out plenty himself. He really showed the referee, Big John Dixson, that he was going to battle to the end and he wasn't giving up even under the mount and elbows of JC Pennington. John had faith in him and let him work out of impossible situations all night.

My good buddy Dustin Johnson, like Rich explained, really impressed everyone with his standup game. The kid is 19 years old making his first NHB fight and looked more comfortable in the cage then anyone out there. I knew he had the skills on his feet, he showed me last night he can do it on the ground by working a tight gaurd and not allowing Oscar to work his devastating GnP. Sucks the way it had to end, but D will surely be back in the scene around here kicking folks heads off.

Jose is just fun to watch and can make a tough fight for anyone at 155. He has fun fighting, and eveyone in the crowd has fun as a result.

Props to Calvin Martin for taking the fight on such short notice. He is an excellent boxer/kickboxer fighting out of Ancona's gym, and was landing nice shots before he was taken down. He was outclassed on the ground, but those guys definitely have the coaches over there now to really bring their ground work up. Look for this guy to come back with some new weapons the next time he fights.

Zack Levee is going to be a serious force once Canales gets to working with him and settles him down a bit. The kid is a physical fighter, excellent wrestler who can impose his will as well as anyone.

All of Crutchmaster's guys has TOUGH fights. They all fought hard, and showed alot of class. That was the biggest thing from these guys, they came to fight and were the most respectful and genuinely good human beings in the venue. That says a lot for a coach to be able to produce talented fighters that still exhibit such sportsmanship and good manner.

All in all it was a great night of fights. We didn't get to see Mike "Slim" Brazale big overhand right, but there will be other shows and other opponents that'll get a taste.


That was easily the best small show I've ever been to. The fights, fighters, crowd, and everyone involved were great.

Danny a special thanks to you and all the judges for working so hard! With only one fight going to decission. Keep up the hard work!

All I can say that hasn't already been said is this:

It was really cool to see the return of the "small show" Reality Combat. I got my start fighting in the RC shows of the late 90's and this was an awsome return to the "good ole days" of the past. This was without a doubt one of the best small shows this area has seen in a long time! In fact, I am now thinking about returning to training (and fighting) just to be part of the awsome spectacle that went down Fri. night! Rich and Jim are taking huge steps to raise the level of MMA in this area and I hope to continue to be part of it as time goes on. Keep up the good work guys!

"Im really sorry I missed this one, everyone who went raved about and rubbed it in that I wasnt there"

ha, ha, ha-ha, ha


ttt for JC, Rich, Jim and all THE TEAM VOODOO CREW!!!

TTT for the results