Reality Combat Results



Metairie, LA

May 29, 2004


            After a two year hiatus, MMA veteran and promoter Rich Clementi returned the steel caged mixed martial arts event back to the town of Metairie, Louisiana. Clementi took over as the co-owner and promoter of the event in 2003 after Karl Schmidt was called back to active duty and could no longer continue to promote the show.  The event was action packed with submissions and knockouts. The fight card featured 8 amateur bouts and two professional main event matches. UFC Veteran and mixed martial arts pioneer Patrick Smith made a special guest appearance at the show. Despite the random intervals of rain, the show proved to be one of the most exciting events held in the area in quite some time.




The first fight of the night featured Rich Clementi's Team Voodoo against Dixon's Dungeon. Thompson looked for a quick clinch; Brune countered the tie up and slammed Thompson to the mat. Brune pushed the fight looking for the takedown.  Brune worked a quick ground and pound game and switched to a leg lock. Thomson continued to land heavy punches to Brune's ribs despite being caught in a painful lock. Thompson managed to escape the knee bar and continued to punish Brune from a back clinch. Brune endured the strikes to end the first round. Thompson continued the same plan entering the second round, quickly clinching Brune and securing a takedown. Brune worked his way back to his feet and worked Thomson with knees. Thompson attempted to shoot but was caught in a guillotine. Thomson remained calm and escaped the hold and continued his ground and pound game. Thompson opened the third round looking to take down Brune, Brune countered with a guillotine, but was unable to finish Thomson. Thomson continued to work his strikes from within Brune's guard. Referee stood the fighters up for inactivity, Thomson wasted no time taking down Brune with a hard take down. Brune found himself turtled absorbing the heavy blows of Thomson for the remainder of the round.

Thomson by unanimous decision.



The second fight of the night pitted Team Anaconda fighter Lamont Lindsey against new comer Jason Maples. Lindsey better known for his boxing skills kept the match standing. Maples countered the early striking of Lindsey. Lindsey continued to work his boxing game and caught Maples with a heavy right hand that stunned Maples; Maples absorbed a few more heavy shots before referee John Dixson stopped the match.

Lindsey 2:23 Rd 1 Referee Stoppage




Meyers opened the first round with a huge slam. Meyers quickly secured a mount and unleashed a flurry of punches. Gooding was unable to recover from the striking and the match was stopped after Gooding was unable to defend himself.

Meyers 1:05 Rd 1 Referee Stoppage




This super heavy weight match featured fighters with a combined weight of over 600lbs. Camarata immediately engaged Brown with some fast striking. Brown immediately slowed the pace of the match and pinned Camarata to the cage. Brown attempted several takedowns, but Camarata kept a good base and prevented the takedown. Brown was finally able to slam Camarata after a quick exchange. Brown took advantage of the half guard and landed several well placed shots. Despite having taken some heavy shots, Camarata was able to hold of Brown to end the round. Camarata opened the second round clinching Brown immediately and attempting a takedown, Brown kept his base to prevent the attempt. Camarata's corner sensed he was in danger and threw in the towel to end the match.

Brown 0:40 Rd 1 Corner Stoppage



Peoples opened the first round with a with a fast takedown attempt, Jay worked out of the clinch of Peoples and secured a mount position. Jay unloaded some fast hands which Peoples was unprepared for, Peoples tapped from the flurry.

Jay 0:27 Rd 1 Tap from Strikes




Doss opened up the first round with a barrage of strikes Gaudet immediately caught a quick right and was unable to recover. Doss pounded a dazed Gaudet until John Dixson stopped the bout.

Doss 0:13 Rd 1 Referee Stoppage




Stevens a veteran of Reality Combat showed his game has continued to impress the crowd with his improved stand up game. Stevens and Sams kept the fight standing; Sams held of Kenny but was caught with a heavy uppercut that left Sams heavily stunned. Referee John Dixson keeping the safety for the fighters in mind, stopped the bout.

Stevens 2:20 Rd 1 Referee Stoppage





Pennington and Lamb opened the match cautiously feeling each other out. Lamb finding an opening clinched Pennington and secured a standing takedown. Pennington managed to recompose his guard and began looking to work his way back to his feet. Lamb moved Pennington into the corner and began picking his shots. Pennington managed to get back to his feet and landed a few strikes before ending the round. Pennington began the second round landing well placed knees and an uppercut on Lamb. Lamb quickly reversed Pennington's momentum and secured another takedown. Lamb stood over Pennington and began to land some heavy strikes. Lamb reentered Pennington's guard and continued to ground and pound. Lamb's strategy continued as he slowly wore Pennington down. Pennington remained strong and finished the second round.  The third round opened with Pennington and Lamb trading some heavy shots. Lamb landed a precise right hand and stunned Pennington. Pennington quickly recovered and composed his guard. Pennington attempting to avoid strikes from the mount rolled to his back, but Lamb quickly secured his back and sunk the choke.

Lamb 3:45 Rd 3 Rear Naked Choke






The heavily anticipated Main Event of the night featured Warren Donley a veteran of the NHB world against Andrew Chappelle a very technical submission fighter out of San Antonio. Donley immediately opened the round with some fast trading with Chappelle. Chappelle attempted a takedown, but Donley quickly countered with a fireman's carry. Donley worked strikes from within Chappelle's guard, before being caught in a triangle choke. Donley continued to work out of Chappelle's triangle attempt of Chapplle, but was overwhelmed by the submission and tapped to end the bout.

Chappelle 4:53 Rd 1 Submission

Gabe, you couldn't have said it better!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good job guys. Andrew Chappelle continues to be impressive. Heads up fighter and gentleman as well!

wish i coulda made it

I would like to thank everyone for coming out last night. The crowd was great. I would like to thank all the fighters who all showed alot of hart. Gabe did a great job in doing the fight reports we had hoped to bring the results live to the forum but due to a tech problem with the internet connection at the venue we were not able to do that. Our next show is set for July 17 at Point Cadet Plaza in Biloxi MS. More info to come soon about that show. Once again I would like to thank everyone for another great Reality Combat show and special thanks to my partner Rich "No Love" Clementi for all his hard work.


good show guys

Jimmy where were you last night?

TTT great show....
Once again Rich and Jim do a fine job promoting an event.
Great writing Gabe....

On a sadder note... Once again Kyle bradley has let his fans down, as I asked for an autograph and was shunned. That in itself pretty much soured the rest of my night, I almost couldnt drink or have any fun on Bourbon st.

Great show. Thanks to Jim and RICH.


Obviously there was a lot of celebrities in attendance. From UFC Pioneer Pat"The Head Hunter" Smith, to the now elusive Kyle Bradly, to some (to remain unnamed) Superstar Porn Star.


It truly was a star studded event!!!!!!!!

Another successful show from Rich and Jim! Although I was dissappointed by some of the results, the night was full of great action from all.

ttt dixson's dungeon

the fights were awesome. ttt to rich for his hard work. maybe next time i'll go even longer....


hey brune, how bout a rematch?
remember morgan city?


Underdog, that would be great to see....
Adam Brune is a monster, and one hell of a guy.. Im glad to call him teammate