By Chris Palmquist

2,000 spectators filled the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City this past Satruday to witness what I truly believe to be the best MMA event I have ever attended. Here is how it went down.

Jim Miller (Planet JJ) vs. Joe Andujar (Team Rhino) (3-3 minute rounds) 155 pounds

1st Round: JM comes out strong with a single leg take down to side mount. JA tries to get his guard back, but JM is working hard to stay in side control. JM lands some hard punches from top of open guard, then comes down to mount. JM locks in an arm triangle and gets the tap out.

Winner: Jim Miller via Submission (Arm Triangle) 1:04 of the 1st Round.

Ryan Hall (Lloyd Irvin) vs. Eddie Fyvie (Renzo Gracie) (3-3 minute rounds) 155 pounds

1st Round: Both opponents feel each other out. EF throws RH to the ground. RH gets up and lands a good leg kick. RH goes for an Achilles. EF lands some good punches, RH pulls guard and goes for another leg lock, but EF gets up. EF catches a leg kick and puts him down, but they get back up. In a scramble they go the ground, ref moves them to the middle in half guard with EF on top. Round ends with EF on top of a open guard trying to land punches.
2nd Round: Both fighters move to a clinch and RH pulls him down to guard. RH gets a takedown into EF's guard. EF working small punches fro the bottom. Ref stands them up. A couple punches by each guy and the work into the clinch. RH pulls guard and is slammed hard. RF tries to work for an omaplata, but EF works out and is stalking. Fight goes back the fight briefly, but RH gets a takedown to half guard.
3rd Round: Both fighters swinging wild to star the round. RH flops to the guard, trying to work another leg lock. EF turns around and starts dropping heavy hands. RH still working for a leg lock. Eddie turns in and is back in the guard. Ref stands up the action. RH shoots, but is stuff and EF drops for a guillotine and rolls to the top. RH is able to get his half guard back. EF ends the round strong with punches.

Winner: Eddie Fyvie via unanimous decision

Ed Medeiros (Team Mendes) vs. Hazem Ibrahim (Ricardo Almedia) (3-3 minutes rounds) 205 pounds

1st Round: EM throws some good punches to start. HI tries to shoot, but its stuffed. EM stalking for the big punch. HI tries another shoot, but EM's sprawl is good. Another shot stuffed and EM is above HI's open guard stalking. Ref stands up the action. HI gets in on a deep shot and EM is against the ropes sitting up and the ref stands them up again.
2nd Round: EM is visible tired to start the round. HI gets a takedown to guard. HI landing some tough shots on top, but the ref stands them in the middle. HI gets another takedown to EM who is out of gas. HI ends the round strong landing punches.
3rd Round:

Winner: Hazem Ibrahim via TKO (EM was unable to continue after 2nd round)

Anthony D'Angelo (United MMA) vs. George Sullivan (Team Rhino) (3-3 minute rounds) 170 pounds

1st Round: GS throws a good high kick and AD gets the fight to ground briefly before it stands back up. GS gets a takedown to the guard. GS picks him up and AD drops his legs back to a stand. Both guys fighting for a takedown from the clinch and throwing short knees. GS gets a good trip takedown, but is immediately reversed as it hits the ground and AD lands on top in half guard.
2nd Round: Both guys feinting punches before AD goes for a single leg, but is stuffed. Fight gets back to a clinch, with GS working hard for a takedown. AD gets a toss takedown straight to side control and the ref moves them to the middle. AD starts throwing some punches, but GS is able to recover his guard.
3rd Round: Both guys seem tired and are throwing glancing shots. GS goes for a good super-man punch, but it doesn't land hard. GS throwing some fancy kicks, but none are landing. GS lands a good leg kick, but both fighters are tentative. AD throws a high kick that misses and both guys move into a clinch.

Winner: George Sullivan via split decision

Josh Lydell (Team Invicta) vs. Carlos Nieves (Team Evolution) (3-3 minute rounds) 170 pounds

1st Round: JL lands a good punch and works hard for a takedown, eventually getting the takedown and landing on CN's back, working the choke. JL locks the choke in very tight, but CN is fighting it off as they are stuck in the rope. CN escapes the choke, but still has his back taken. JL is landing slaps to the side and tries to work the choke again as the round ends.
2nd Round: CN starts the rounds with a fury landing punch after punch and knocks JL down with a bunch. CN is on top of guard landing a ton of punches, when the ref moves them to the middle in guard. CN stands and make JL follow. JL tries to shoot, but Carlos takes his back and is working the choke. It's not very tight and CN breaks it to strike the side of the head. CN is working the short choke, but JL is fighting it off and is able to spin up on top of half guard. JL has mount and is throwing punches. Both guys scramble to their fight as the round ends.
3rd Round: JL comes out with a leg kick and then lands a huge takedown slam to side mount. JL throws some knees to the body and some slaps to the head. JL starts to work for a kimura and switches to the other side of the body. JL takes the mount and starts landing slaps to the head, but moves back to side control to work a kimura again. The rounds ends up JL landing short punches in the top of side control.

Winner: Josh Lydell via unanimous decision

Mike Castles (Planet JJ) vs. Drew Puzon (Ricardo Almeida) (3-3 minute rounds) 185 pounds

1st Round: DP tries to work a takedown from the clinch, but its fought off. MC starts landing some good body shots, but DP gets a takedown to butterfly guard. MC gets a good armbar and DP works his way out back to the top of guard. DP lands some good punches from the top. MC is trying to roll up, but DP is landing good punches from the top as he works to pass. DP ends the round strong landing a lot of punches.
2nd Round: Both guys start swinging wildly and DP gets a takedown to half guard. DP is landing some punches, but nothing with a lot of power. DP tries to pass, but is tied up with the legs. DP stands up out of the guard, but is quickly sucked back down. DP stands up again and lands a good body shot before passing to side mount.
3rd Round: DP lands a stiff jab and works into a clinch, then follows up with a big takedown to guard, but is stuck in a guillotine. The arm is in, so he seems to be safe. MC is putting all in can into the choke, but DP is able to pop his head out. Drew gets on top of guard and lands some heavy punches to the face before passing to side control. DP is looking for a kimura, but starts to lands punches to end the round strong.

Winner: Drew Puzon via unanimous decision

Kevin Roddy (Team Rhino) vs. Al Buck (Team Evolution) (3-3 minute rounds) 155 pounds

1st Round: KR comes out with a good leg kick, followed by a high kick the misses. AB throws a head kick then a right that connects and hurts KR. KR ducks under a punch and gets a great takedown to side control and moves to mount. AB is able to buck and roll to a half butterfly guard. He lets KR stand back up. KR ducks under another punch and tries for a takedown, but lands in guard. KR tries a good armbar, but AB slams his way out. AB is throwing haymakers and KR ducks under and pulls his opponent to guard. JR is working a good omoplata, but AB is able to get back into the guard. KR tries to work a triangle at the end, and AB lands a slam to end the round.
2nd Round: Both fighters more tentative to start the second. KR throws a body kick and another low kick. AB answers with a leg kick and both guys starting throwing wild haymakers to clinch. AB gets a takedown, but KR works a good armbar and then a good triangle. KR has a deep triangle, but can't get the arm across to finish. AB slams his way out the triangle.
3rd Round: Fighters exchange legs kicks to start the round. KR ducks under a punch for a takedown, but settles to pull guard. The action is stale and the ref stands them up. KR throws a head hick and AB slips to the canvas. They both work to the feet and KR pulls guard again. KR sinks in another triangle, which AB is able to slam out of again. AB is working an arm triangle, but inside the guard. KR seems fines and breaks the hold.

Winner: Kevin Roddy via unanimous decision

Chris Schlesinger (United MMA) vs. Lionel Cortez (Team Evolution) (3-3 minute rounds) 170 pounds

1st Round: CS comes out with a big right and LC trips. CS tries to get a takedown, but they scramble to a clinch. LC gets a lateral drop for a takedown and is in the top guard. CS is able to get a sweep in a scramble and gets to the top of half guard. CS is able to pass to side mount and lands some knees and punches. CS moves to mount and lands some punches, but LC turns as CS works for an armbar. LC is able to come up on top, but into a triangle / arm bar.

Winner: Chris Schlesinger via submission (Armbar) 2:54 of 1st Round.

Dan Miller (Planet JJ) vs. Mike Massenzio (Jerry Jones Ultimate MA) (3-3 minute rounds) 185 pounds

1st Round: MM comes on for a takedown, but DM is able to get away. MM shoots from far away and eventually gets an ankle pick for the takedown and lands in guard. DM holds on and the ref stands them up. MM punches his way into the clinch and starts throwing knees. DM is fighting off the takedown, but MM secures it to guard. MM lands some short hammer fists as DM works his legs up high. DM tries to work an omoplata but MM backs out and stands. DM wraps his leg around and works for a leg lock as the round ends.
2nd Round: Both fighters work into a clinch, as MM is intent on a takedown. DM throws some knees as he tries to fight off the takedown. MM gets a takedown and DM quickly works to his guard. DM attempts an arm bar to triangle, but MM is able to pull out. DM again works a triangle, but MM pulls out and punches. The ref stands up the action. A tough scramble and MM lands on top in guard. DM tries another armbar as the round ends.
3rd Round: MM feints a punch and shoots for the takedown, which he gets to guard. MM is able to land a few punches, but DM has an active guard. DM tries to work for a triangle but is tired. DM unloads some hammer fists to MM and then works another triangle. DM is landing good punches from the bottom as both fighters are tired. The fights end with DM trying another arm bar.

Winner: Mike Massenzio via split decision

Mike Easton (Lloyd Irvin) vs. Rick Desper (Ground Control) (3-4 minute rounds) 135 pounds
Awesome match up! Mike Easton controlled most of the fight. Desper had a nice heal hook attempt in round one but Easton did not tap. Excellent knees from Easton throughout the match.

Winner: Mike Easton via unanimous decision

Nuri Shakir (Team Elite) vs. Nick Serra (Serra Jiu-Jitsu) (3-4 minute rounds) 170 pounds

Winner: Nuri Shakir via unanimous decision

Next Reality Fighting...

good stuff


Congrats on your fight, Josh. You took on a tough opponent. Pretty imprssive - you'll be a force when you get past puberty!

I'll try to make your next one. Do you got anything going on?

I'm hoping to be relatively injury free and fighting in July/August.

ttt for some pics!


TTT Reality Fighting is the best MMA around.

Josh is green^^^

How come Allan isn't green?

" How come Allan isn't green?"

let me win a couple fights in a row so I feel like I deserve it...

^^ I actually went back and edited came across as a little harsh (it's hard to see the grin on my face while I'm typing).

I just want to love and be loved....

looks at watch

I wonder where those pics are? I keep coming back to see them, but...


I'm just gonna draw sketches and fax them to people...

Here are some links to photos (sorry Josh none of you yet).

More photos are on the way.

Thanks, Joe.