Reality Fighting - ATLANTA

Reality Fighting will be holding its first MMA show in Georgia on June 9, 2007. The show will take place in conjunction with the NAGA Georgia Grappling Championships at the Suwanee Sports Academy in Suwanee, GA (northeast of Atlanta).

We are looking for both amateur and pro fighters for this event. If you are interested in fighting please email for more information.

More details about this event will be available soon. Come grapple in the afternoon then stick around for some great MMA action at night.

Thank you.


TTT.  Sounds like it will be a great day.


Joe Cuff if you can make weight you and ese .....



JJ, If you can make 145 you are on! Hell, I don't think I can make 145 right now, I am kind of chubby at the moment.

You have mail Joe.

Count me in at 155 "Smallville".

TTT...............JCuff call me ..........I got u a list........


You have mail.


I cant wait to get on another Reality Fighting show in NJ.




Some great interest so far, thank you.

JJ, give me a call today if you can. Thanks!...Joe

They say that life is not a zero sum game - if one person gets happier, another person is not necessarily sadder. That said, Kipp's combined Grappling/MMA days are a dream come true for any fan or competitor, and entailthe staff dashing about from 7:00 am till 2:00 am!!?!

Seriosuly though. this is a great day!

TTT for JJ at 155! er, his left leg at 155!

seriously though, is the Reality Fighting event also going to be in the same building (Suwanee Sports Academy) as the tourny, or will it be somewhere else?


LOL , you never know it could happen,....I could pick up some rare tropical disease and actually make weight.

it will be a great day..........Same building...