Reality Fighting Results?

Anyone have results for the Reality Fighting event in NJ last night (Oct 16th)? Specifically, I'd like the results of the Rich Latta fight. Thanks!

ttt for some results

rich won a decision. results should be up on the FCF website later today.

Mike Ciesnolevics from Miletech tapped out Todd Going in the beginning of the second round by guillotine. Congrats Mike

How about Sandull vs. Cline fight?


Reality Fighting 7: Ground War
By Jim Genia

Rich Latta (top) vs. Daniel Coffman
Latta (top) vs. Coffman
(October 16th, Atlantic City, New Jersey) An old score was settled. A welterweight champ was crowned. A Mass Destruction champ unified the belts. It was a solid night of MMA at Reality Fighting 7 as Team Tiger Schulmann standout Laura D'Auguste redeemed her past draw against Amanda Buckner with a submission victory, Fight Factory prodigy Eddie Alvarez punished Chris Schlesinger en route to securing his crown, and Massachusetts-based warrior and Boneyard representative Lance Everson battered Jordan Pergola for the win. Close to three thousand fans showed up to scream and cheer -- and with only four of the thirteen bouts going to decision, there was plenty of action for them to cheer about. Some highlights of the night included:

  • The back and forth war between frenzied lightweights Jesse Moreng and Jay Isip, which ended when Moreng finally secured the choke.
  • The veteran Everson, who weathered the freakishly strong Pergola's storm to score some sweet reversals.
  • D'Auguste's smooth and relentless ground game, which kept Buckner on the defensive for almost half the bout.

Eddie Alvarez (left) vs. Chris Schlesinger
Alvarez (left) vs. Schlesinger

Welterweight Title Fight
Eddie Alvarez (Fight Factory-167lbs) vs. Chris Schlesinger (Bellmore Kickboxing-167lbs)
Alvarez via verbal submission at 1:00.

Heavyweight Title Fight
Carlos Cline (Team Renzo-245lbs) vs. Glen Sandull (Planet Jiu-Jitsu)
After 3 rounds, the judges declared the bout a draw.

Light-heavyweight Title Fight
Lance Everson (Boneyard) vs. Jordan Pergola (Bellmore Kickboxing-205lbs)
Everson via ref stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 3:34 of round 2.

Women's Title Fight
Amanda Buckner (Academy of MMA-134lbs) vs. Laura D'Auguste (TSK-131lbs)
D'Auguste via rear choke at 3:39 of round 2.

Norm Schack (Martin's JJ/Renzo-224lbs) vs. Jay Frankovich (Freestyle)
Schack via ref stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 1:30.

Dante Rivera (Ricardo Almeida/Renzo-189lbs) vs. Jay Handley (Ground Zero)
Rivera via guillotine at 1:00.

Anthony D'Angelo (Panza Kickboxing-168lbs) vs. Anthony McDonald (Jay Lally)
McDonald via decision.

Jay Isip (Team End Game-150lbs) vs. Jesse Moreng (TSK-149lbs)
Moreng via rear choke at 1:24 of round 2.

Carmello Marrero (SBG) vs. Chris Dippolito (Team KOA)
Marrero via rear choke at 1:02.

Todd Going (Jersey Shore BJJ) vs. Mike Ciesnolevicz (Team Miletich)
Ciesnolevicz via guillotine at :17 of round 2.

Bill Scott (Ricardo Almeida/Renzo-187lbs) vs. Dominic Dellagatta (TSK-184lbs)
Dellagatta via decision.

Rich Latta (Renzo) vs. Daniel Coffman (Balance Studios-181lbs)
Latta via decision.

Charles Vuolo (Team KOA-160lbs) vs. Dom Stanco (Bellmore Kickboxing-168lbs)
Stanco via tap out due to strikes at 0:35.



ttt Props to Jim Genia, the finest MMA correspondent in the business.

fights of the night imo where

moreng vs isip
pergola vs everson
buckner vs d,auguste

thanks bro.

promoter of event- Would be interested in fighting in 2005 for your event! Sounded like a blast.

Fearless Goat

no problem. You stuff is the most intelligent, well researched and informative MMA press I've read consistantly. Mostly what we get is conjecture, trash talking and biased press, from our own people.

Sounds like Cies "blacked" out

Mike is the only African American I know whose last name has more than 10 letters in it.

cies looked great. training at miletich seems to have rounded out his game a little more.

glen, when are you getting back into the ring?

the latta decision was the correct one. coffman had some dangerous punches, but he ate quite a few kicks and was controlled on the ground.

Regards to Jordan Pergola....tough, tough fighter from Long Island. I don't no much about his opponent..Everson, but, if he got the best of Jordan....then he's tough

Lance Everson is a BEAST, and tough as hell.