Realized why I suck so bad

I've been really busy with school, finding a job, finding an apartment, hurt my hand, excuse excuse excuse.

Well today I was shooting around with one of my buddies who just happened to be playing basketball when I walked by, we were talking about working out.

Me: "Yeah, I've been pretty busy and pretty lazy, I haven't done much since my fight, just playing some intramural softball and soccer with my dogs (Note: That means dogs, as in, canines. Not dogs as in my crew, yo)"

The fight was April 3, I looked down to see what time it was, IT'S FREAKING APRIL 30!!!! I've done just enough to stay alive in the last 4 weeks. Ridiculous. I gotta get back in the gym.

However, my grades have gone from a 2.8 at mid-term to like a 3.6 So it's not like I've just been sitting around whacking all day.

I thought you sucked pretty good ;)


One thing about my genetics that has me at least somewhat excited about future cut cycles, but kinda bummed about bulking is that I haven't worked out seriously in a month, I've been eating a ton of Taco Bell, and I haven't gained a pound. Still have (barely) visible abs, still weigh <190 at 6'3" lol

No, and my uncle wasn't an MLB umpire either :)

Well at least your grades are good man.

That is the major problem for most people.  No time or not enough time to train.  If you could only  just rest and train 2x a day.  Do some skill work also and you'd be great imo.

Hey how did your fight go anyway?

Typically around exam time my training is a bit patchy but hey man we  make do with what we got when we can.


The fight was a slobberknocker, about 10 seconds in I realized whoever got tired first was gonna get knocked out. Lucky for me the other guy got tired first ;)

I'm pumped about training again, I've got some squats, dips, and pull-ups scheduled for Wednesday, just a solid full-body workout to get me going again. I can't wait.