Really sad. 6 year old boy hurt by 8 year old bully. Realistically, how should this be handled?

What is the best way to handle a situation like this? What constitutes suitable justice when the crime is very cruel and physically damaging to a child but the perpetrator is also a child?

6-year-old boy burned by bully with fireball to the face, family says (

Maybe the 8 year old perpetrator should be made a ward of the state and put into some sort of prison for kids, or hospital for criminal children, until child psychiatrists think he can be trusted to be back in the public and not harm others?


Sue the kid’s parents for damages. He and his actions are their responsibility.


That makes sense.

Sad story. That poor 6 year old just wanted to have some friends I’m sure. Suing is good, but I would bet the bully is either a “youth” with no father in the home, or some white kid with meth head parents. The fact this story completely leaves out the parent(s) of the offender would lead me to believe they probably look a certain way.

Good luck getting money out of them…


The bullys parents should be hit in the face with a flaming tennis ball soaked in gasoline.


Tell the kid about a farm you are going to buy. You and him going in on it. After a few months of work you’ll be able to afford it. And he will get to tend the rabbits.

Then bring him down to the creek. And tell him to look across the creek and picture the farm. And how he gets to tend the rabbits.

Then, with a tear in your eye, pull out your pistol…when he isn’t paying attention…



Geeze Louise!

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Yeah, it’s not perfect, but I think suing is the best you can do under the circumstances. The article already says the bullys parents are trying to say he didnt do it. You could theoretically get child protective services involved to check out the kid’s house and parents to see if there is obvious negligence in how they are raising him, but not much good is likely to come of that. If we knew how to force parents to raise empathic children, we’d basically have no violent crime.

Really sad to think of a 6 year old getting happy that someone called him wanting to play only to get set on fire. Also sad to think of how the 8 year old was likely raised.

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Certainly start with a call to the police.


Set the 8 year old on fire


the human experience is one of evolution, growth.

Bullying, WAR, these are elements of our past and those which exhibit such traits show themselves to be a lesser evolved creature.

future more evolved humans will probably not consume FLESH and will be a more compassionate and peaceful species.

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remembers doing the gasoline soaked tennis balls as a kid

girl door GIF


physical pain

Lock little Damion up.

The 8 year old is not a child. He’s a monster. It doesn’t matter how he was raised, it doesn’t matter his environment. That’s not normal childhood behavior and if he’s capable of doing that now, there’s no hope for him.

In a just world, he’d be set on fire himself as punishment. Realistically, lock him up and never let him out. Being a “child” is not a defense to acting in an evil manner.


Damn I’d read a book about this story


“The 6-year-old’s family say Dominick has been bullied by the 8-year-old for the past year. Deegan alleged to WNBC that the 8-year-old previously sent Dominick to the hospital with a concussion”

Parents should have ensured the two boys were not ever together again


“He a good boy, he din do nothin’, he just funnin’ was all!”


Bridgeport is a cesspool from what I’ve seen of it. It is the most economically unequal area in the country.

I feel sorry for the boy.

My guess is the bully doesn’t have a father around.

But seeing that the poor kid, his mom, and sister have different last names, I’d suspect he doesn’t either.

Terrible story

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