Really sad. 6 year old boy hurt by 8 year old bully. Realistically, how should this be handled?

Goddamnit I got arrested at 10 or 11, I grew up in the wrong era it seems

Of mice and zombies:

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Goddamn trashy parents all around…its going to be impossible to shelter our kids from being around fucking trash. They are everywhere and come in at all levels of the economic ladder. smh!

One look at the poor kid who got burned Mom face and I knew…I can just spot trash a mile away then we see the whole picture, yep!

My best guess is that the big kid, who appeared to be the one playing with the gasoline, probably lit the ball on fire and the situation instantly got out of hand - as can happen even with adults who fuck around with gasoline and fire. The big kid fucked up here but it’s extremely doubtful that the burning was done out of malice.

Little kid probably had no idea what happened due to the speed of the burning so you can’t blame him for thinking it was done to him on purpose.