Really TNA?

Just read the spoilers for impact thursday, wont post em here, but sheesh the they angle is different i guess. I really want to like TNA, but WWE is leaps and bounds ahead of them for the last 6 months. Just my opinion anyway.

oh and by different, i mean the same shit they've done over and over.

So you didn't mention spoilers in the thread title but discuss spoiler related news and want spoiler related discussion in the thread???

Didn't spoil anything. Just stating my opinion. Figured most of us on the pwf forum read spoilers anyway. Again, just stating opinion. Didn't mean to offend.

So weird.  TNA willl be doing seemingly well and then they just slip.  Maybe they should try to co promote with ROH?

i thought fortune was "they" already? one of those dumb factions. i hate tna.

 For those of you who like factions, TNA is showing us what happens when you get faction crazy.

Seems they started pushing the angle before they had all the players sewn up so they had to scramble. Once again no payoff which has been their downfall for a while. Phone Post

 i liked it

 TNA has had a long time to get themselves going.  Seems like they may be running out of time.

I quit watching them about 4-5 months ago. My DVR is still set to record but I just delete the files when I see them. Just an awful show.