Realm Transfers!

well it seems the day is going to come.....sometime this summer Blizzard will allow custom character transfers for a small fee.....basiclly that means all OG'ers can transfer to the same server and wreak havoc on others and each other.....they say there will be some restrictions but so far it sounds like a good thing.....

from Blizzard forums

Upcoming Character-Transfer Service
On top of our efforts to evenly disperse our player population through coordinated realm transfers and migrations, we've begun testing our paid character-transfer feature. Scheduled to go live this summer, this feature will allow players to move their characters, within certain restrictions, to a realm of their choosing. This means that player's will now be able to join their friends on other realms without the need to wait for a pre-set mass realm transfer. In addition, this will also contribute to a balancing of the player load from realm to realm, which again is a specific way for us to reduce realm queues and lag. We know that many player's are eager for this service to be implemented, so we'll share further details as soon as more information becomes available.

Look forward to kicking your virtual ass soon Gordo.

and I yours Q :)

Homie.....good times shall be had my imagine you will transfer over your 60 druid too.....this could get ugly....

lol...who am I kidding.....I am horrible at PvP with my mage.....that's why I go after lowbies.....if we all transfer to the same server I think I will just gank Tard Chargers 40 and below....screw trying to fight your mains....too tough....unless you have your back turned....then I will take you out....unless you resist my pyroblast, then I will just sheep you and run......FOR THE ALLIANCE!

LMFAO @ that little short, mini-me-looking motherfucker!!!!!!!

Nothing angers me more than an unpunted gnome....

If you do transger to frostwolf someday, make sure it's a horde char though.

nah fuck that stay alliance we need some og'ers on teh opposite side.

that's what I was thinking

ROFLMAO at everybody on this thread.....oh the fun that will be had if we ever get all on the same server....

lol just as I was pondering my suckyness at 1vs1 PvP I was ambushed by 2 lvl 49 tauren warriors in the Searing Gorge....somehow I took them both out....I was like WTF!!?? I was more suprised then anyone....apparently there is people who suck worse then me....then again warriors seem to have trouble with mages.....i'm 49 BTW

fuck yeah i cant handle equal or higher lvl mages too much dmg i cant keep up lol

Fuck yeah!

I will totally join the Tard Chargers!

Sweet.. now I can transfer my two level 60 players to Frostwolf and own your horde asses. :D


u cant handle our tard rage!