Reaping Question

I've been trying to discuss with the people that I train with whether or not, in local tournaments, I would be DQed for reaping. The video's below show Marcelo getting to this position before either sweeping or transitioning to x-guard.

The question is whether or not you believe the refs are giving leniency to Marcelo or if it's the case that Marcelo is just on the cusp of reaping, but has not crossed the line.

this video at 3:34 (best representation)

this video between :29 and :34

it's hard to see, but he has the same position in this video as well. at :45

i only saw the first video embed, but what marcelo is doing is coming from the outside and keeping the foot on the hip, which is allowed, its when the foot crosses the outside and comes in is when DQ's happen. my buddy lost a tourny because his opponent tried to get rid of the foot on the hip and moved it in.

They reapin every body up in here!

man this reaping rule BLOWS!

My understanding is reaping is allowed, as long as it's done tastefully.

[quote]PeterIrl - They reapin every body up in here![/quote] 

I personally don't agree with it... I mean how could you do that to someone?? Oh, wait... you said "REAPING". Nevermind. Yeah, I like those.

Haha. No help, but I definitely enjoyed this more.

Seriously, it's a border line thing what Marcelo is doing. Once that leg crosses the center line and forces your opponent to twist inward, that becomes illegal. Phone Post

Makes sense. Thanks Angelo.