Reason Lloyd Irvin is silent about his rape trial

I've done some thinking and have come to understand why he isn't speaking and i think Lloyd is a complete scumbag for not doing so. But he is as much as I hate to admit, a clever business man.

If he makes a statement on this, whether it be that he was the media quoted him wrong and his lawyers forced him to say he would of joined in to be acquitted or he owns up to it and apologizes...Either way it will be out there for his words to be picked apart or speculated...and over time he feels he will loose business.

Now if he lays low and keeps his mouth shut, true he will be temporarily facing a bunch of angry people wanting him to face up to this...But in the long run he probably believes this fire of bad press and anger will eventually die down and he will continue his SEO practices and in the long run it will be for the most part forgotten with no words of his to be picked apart and even though he will loose some people and clientele..he feels in the long run he can continue to do the shit he does and prosper.

Basically he is a giant clever pussy...I hope that people keep on making noise and little by little word of mouth spreads this to the point where his own silence ends his shady career.

Keep on fighting the good fight everyone and don't let this rapist not have to answer for his 1989 gang rape incident that he got acquitted for by technicality!

His friends/associates/teammates have done a great job ruining it for him without him having to open his mouth.

Kudos to them scumbags.

Wes_Mantooth - Is Lloyd a clever business man, or is Lloyd a clever rapist?

Quoted for poignancy.

TryhardNobody - I wana know how he knew he couldnt get it up. Did he just say "hey i cant get it up guys" or did he have his pants down in the corner jackin off for 20 minutes crying. Was he in the room with the victim alone? Not like it matters much, my opinion of him is already horrible but it could get a little worse.

Maybe he's a premature ejaculator, and he thought it was less embarrassing to say he's unable to get it up - rather than he arrives early for the big game.

Either way, it doesn't matter to Marcos Avellan, and DJ Jackson: he's a great man.

(They must have cut the twenty minute leprechaun-rape scene...)