Reason Rashad is getting a shot and not Machida?

Machida has decisioned 7 of his last 9 fights. Yes he is good at what he does, but it's boring as hell. No matter how you argue "elusiveness", the bottom line is that style goes to a decision often and not everyone appreciates that.

He catches people every now and then, but its the equivalent to watching Hendo LnP to a decision.

Add in the fact that Rashad just posterized Chuck Liddell and there you go.

Is it fair? Probably not. But it's obvious Rashad has changed his style and is getting rewarded because of it.

Maybe Machida should do the same.

LOL Rashad has 9 decisions compared to Lyoto's 8, they both have a listed pro record of 13 fights. Clowns.

Machida is boring

NameCaller - LOL Rashad has 9 decisions compared to Lyoto's 8, they both have a listed pro record of 13 fights. Clowns.


Machida has had 5 fights in the UFC and 4 of them have gone to a decision.

Rashad was in the same position. Everyone said he was boring, everyone said he was an ass and he had too many decisions and blah blah. He has turned that around by brutally finishing Salmon, Lambert and now Liddell.

And it's no coincidence that he is now getting his shot.

Lyoto is going to clean out the entire division, either way he'll be champ

JKennedy - 
Saying he's boring and this is the justification for him not getting a title shot would be like looking at the NFL or NHL and weeding teams out of the finals due to strong defenses.

You're right, it's not justification, but it is reality.

Rashad has some spectacular knockouts in recent history and is a TUF alum. A title fight between two TUF alums will earn the UFC more money than a fight between Griffen and Machida. Is this fair to Machida? No.

You mentioned the NHL.. Believe me, if the NHL had the ability to choose matchups in the playoffs, they would go for Pens vs Wings over Devils vs Ducks every time (no disrespect intended towards Devils and Ducks fans).

 " It shouldn't be a strike against Machida that his style is scaring people away from engaging with him."

lol @ them being scared. His opponents do everything they can to try and engage with him short of running after him at a full sprint.

LOL Rashad has 9 decisions compared to Lyoto's 8, they both have a listed pro record of 13 fights. Clowns."

lol, Rashad has won by KO in 3 out of his last 4 wins (and those were real KOs, not the typical "MMA KO" where a guy gets dropped and the ref runs in while he's pulling guard). Lyoto has one finish in his last 6 fights. Rashad is IMPROVING and finishing MORE opponents, while Machida seems to finish FEWER opponents as his career goes on. Compare Machida vs Heath to Boetsch or Bablu vs Heath. Since Machida "completely dominated" David, why was he unable to do what the other guys did easily?

Rashad has charisma and the potential to become a star, Machida doesn't. Everthing else being pretty much equal, Rashad should get the shot first. Machida can work on his entertaining value in the meanwhile.

If Machida KO'd liddell like that, he probably would have gotten the title shot too - but again, he's too much of a point fighter to attempt something like that. He would not have gotten into the cage to draw chuck in as that would be too dangerous in his eyes, he'd rather run left to right throwing a peppering shot here and there.

 "Yeah most of you WWE fans seem to miss the point behind fighters like Machida."

Funny you mentioned "point" since that's all Machida cares about. More than anyone, he takes advantage of the 10-point must system. Run away for 4:55, use the other 5 seconds to land two half-assed leg kicks and a jab and take the round 10-9. What a "fighter"!

Take Kalib vs Quarry, have Kalib throw a couple of the weakest leg kicks ever and a jab or two, and you've got Machida. You can tell when Machida does damage it's almost an accident, since he is as surprised as anyone when it happens and is always already running away before seeing some damage was done.

From what I hear is Rashad has been taking some new protein fractions that can greatly increase strength and recovery.

Dr.Connely is the man that developed the new protein and it has been showen to give any athlete a very big edge when performing. Here is the link to Connellys site, for those who dont know him, he is regarded as one of the brightest and most legit guys in this area.

Machida is no doubt a great fighter however his defensive style and cautios approach definately costs him with regards to being marketable..

man i dont see how anyone can see machida as boring. its so technical. its beautiful. just goes to show how uneducated and bloodthirsty most fans are.even here. and i wouldnt expect that from a place like here at the ug. but half to 3/4 of the ugers think hes boring to. thats sad and pitiful. but like i said it goes to show how little most fans know about true technical fighting that works and is poetry in motion. sad shit!!!

I am a big Machida fan, and I think Machida is the best at 205 right now - but I have no problem with Rashad getting a shot before him.

  "but like i said it goes to show how little most fans know about true technical fighting point fighting that works and is poetry in motion."

Fixed that for you.

If you would be thrilled to see more fights where both guys do nothing but flee from their opponent, and whoever  manages to sneak in a jab before the buzzer steals the round, I don't know what to tell you except maybe you should skip "fighting/poetry in motion" and stick to actual poetry.

I do think Machida is the better fighter, but the reasons are obvious:

1) Rashad is more well known because of his TUF victory.

2) Rashad's KO of Chuck was much a much bigger, more memorable victory than Machida's decision over Tito.

If Machida finished an opponent from strikes from the mount, a head kick, and a one punch KO, then he would be getting a shot right now.

Instead, he decisioned 4 out of his last 5 and they were boring decisions at that. Sorry. Fair or not fair, that isn't going to get you a title shot anytime soon.

And say what you want to about Machida's style being "beautiful, masterful, etc", his style brings decisions and not much action. Period, end of story.

LOL @ comparing KOs of Jason Lambert and Sean Salmon to facing Tito (who Rashad couldn't beat), Nak and Soko.

They can't shelf him forever so be prepared to piss and moan when Lyoto beats you TUF posterboy (whichever one has the title when they finally give the man his shot).

Wasn't Chack offered Machida and declined?

So you're using the win over Chack as the reason but it's a fight that Machida couldn't get.

Rashad moves backwards as much as anybody.

Both Rashad and Machada have had some boring as crap fights. I think we all know the title shots go to whoever UFC wants to give them to, and that is almost always gonna be a TUF fighter.