Reason Rashad is getting a shot and not Machida?

Machida will never appeal to the mainstream UFC crowd. I like watching him, but most folks would rather see brawlers than technicians, and that will not change. Eventually they will have to give him a shot if he keeps winning, but the public is not going to want to buy 5 rounds of Machida.

"Wasn't Chack offered Machida and declined? So you're using the win over Chack as the reason but it's a fight that Machida couldn't get."

Source please? I don't ever remember hearing about this.

I dont know why this is such a conspiracy. Rashad has more fights in the UFC, is undefeated, and has been there longer. He also just ko'ed Chuck, that pretty much seals the deal for me.

If he wasnt a TUF alum no one would be bitching.

 It's because they were waiting for Chuck to beat Rashad. Lyoto already had another fight lined up by the time Chuck/Rashad happened.

Machida beat Tito. Fucking Tito.

Rashad beat Liddell. Liddell who crushed Tito.

I know it's a lot to ask, but let's start thinking.

Tomato Can - I do think Machida is the better fighter, but the reasons are obvious:

1) Rashad is more well known because of his TUF victory.

2) Rashad's KO of Chuck was much a much bigger, more memorable victory than Machida's decision over Tito.

True and true.

If it had been the other way around, Rashad decisioning Tito and Machida KTFO Chuck, then the complaints would be more legit. Rashad is the more well known guy but also had the bigger victory so.....

However, if Machida doesnt get the next shot, that would be a huge wtf.

There are so many awesome matches to be had right now in the LHW div, its sick.

affirmative action is the real reason.

Because Rashad beat Chuck and Machida beat Tito?

 i'd rather watch lyoto any day

clattymine - Machida beat Tito. Fucking Tito.Rashad beat Liddell. Liddell who crushed Tito. You mean Tito who beat Forest and Rashad Oh maybe thats why Machida should get a shotcuz he beat Tito.