Reason why Sylvia's arm breakage

My friend who is well versed in submissions was watching the Mir vs Sylvia bout and he stated that the reason why the arm was able to break was because Mir actually placed Sylvia's forearm against his cup and used it as breaking tool.

Anyone else agree with him?

I always thought an arm bar was a joint/elbow manipulation and what my friend is saying makes sense.

Your friend must be a doctor or something.

Didn't seem like he had much time.

That does makes sense but who cares should we call it a no contest because he used his cup?............Oh shit ban cups from MMA!

"anyone who takes a broken arm instead of tapping is an idiot."

It wasn't really locked on though. Generally, when the elbow has slipped out, it's just a matter of time before you pull the whole arm out. I'd have done the same thing as Tim. At least I think that's how I remember it.

Tims 6'8", so he's got long arms.
Knowing this, go find a book on basic physics and you can piece the rest together yourself.

Drink Milk for Strong Bones!

Surely Bill in compeittion, someone has gone for an amrbar, not locked in the shoulder/elbow, and you haven't tapped because you can pull out of it?

The armbar wasn't exactly textbook.

one of the bones in his forearm cracked... no damage to his elbow.

milk does a body good.



Could somebody please post a pic of the armbar in question???

The only way for two bones in the forearm to break, while locked up in a sloppy armbar, is for the forearm to be caught taught tight between the legs, with pressure coming for a steel cup. If the cup weren't there, Mir's nuts would've been crushed.

Your friend is correct.

Your friend is correct.

I posted about this after the fight happened. The
steel cup changes the point of axis allowing for
more leverage. Also, if it wasn't for the cup Mir
would have been cranking Sylvia's forearm into his
own balls.

Ironic that a piece of safety equipment caused a
potentially career ending injury.

could it not have also been fractured by stress?!  a stress fracture?  the pressure on the joint of mir pulling down and silva pulling up?

i'd say either is possible... cup or stress.


Dont some forms of steroids and HGH cause osteoporitic like changes to bone density if used in too high a quanity or over a prolonged period of time?

Also, if you lock their biceps down like a clamp between your knees you can still keep the elbow joint in the vertical plane(ie pointing up) while their thumb actually points down. This action crosses the forearm bones over each other when you do the armbar. Then the stronger bone acts as a fulcrum over which the weaker bone can be snapped or crushed, no box (aka "hector protector") involved. But this takes significant groin strength. A hector might help the mechanics a bit but would not be the sole reason why this happened.

But I have not seen the Mir x Sylvia fight yet so I dont know if this is what happended.

Tim was a few calcium supplements away from escaping that arm bar.

sounds so painful..

"Reason why Sylvia's arm breakage"....Sylvia didn't tap!

Gary Hughes, Quick Tap Club Member

The glove owns that one. It' doesn't even have to touch you to get a stoppage.

I thought the reason it broke was because Mir was cranking the s*** out of it...

i just rewatched it. it was definately done with the cup