Reasonable woman explains white privilege caused car accident


Backstory from @stlouisgravedigger: “This woman and her boyfriend (not pictured) ran a red light and hit my rear passenger side pannel. When i pulled over, her boyfriend tried to break into my car in an attempt to hit me i guess. So i called the st louis metro police and tried driving to a safer spot. While on the phone with the police she rams the back of my van repeatedly to get me to stop. Mind you im going one block to the nearest parking lot. As she continues to ram my van, the police say theres no cars available at the moment and they would “be there when they could.” I stopped in this parking lot and started to record. My phone battery was at 1 percent so i went into the hi point burger joint next to the parking lot to call the cops again. When i came out, her “boyfriend” tried chasing me down so i ran through the burger place and hid. When i came out of the burger joint she had smashed my windows, mirrors and lights with a crow bar. When the police finally showed up they ticketed us both for reckless driving and public disturbance.”




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Was he forced to apologize for his white privilege?

The dude is at fault for driving around with his phone at 1%.


Oh there isn’t an officer available at this time? Ok well there will be a couple of shot motherfuckers when they do decide to show up.


Welcome to America’s cities.

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St. Louis is turning into a nightmare

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Send an amberlance, and a hurst.

Turning? Lol

She should be injected with thorazine and put on a 72 hour hold in an asylum, in my opinion.

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People don’t know how lucky they are NOT to live around people like that. Odds are she had no license, insurance or registration. Probably had warrants too.

You have a wreck with people like that and you’re a victim, no matter what. Guy’s lucky he didn’t get shot on top of the rest of it.

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both were ticketed?

Guy should have been armed and have a few bullets less today.


Blacks are becoming immune to prosection in areas…

being in jail is like going to summer camp for some.

They are way too stupid it seems to realize they are being setup big time for a huge fall…unless they really think it the powers in charge are going to let them have the keys to the kingdom.

Eliminating the white conservative male would bring immediate destruction to the black race.

The white liberal is nobody’s friend in the end.