Reasoning for Orton's title win???

Could be true or not true but the WWE officials and Vince were happy with Orton taking that beating from Lesnar at SS, not complaining and just being a company guy. So they rewarded him with the RR win and now the title.

Tbf those hellbows were bloody nasty

That's what I heard. Almost worth it for me. I loved the way Brock finished Orton. Hopefully a short title run though. 

He's been on cruise control since WM 30.

Certainly didn't deserve all this.

So now they put the belt on orton because he put over lesnar... Except now Lesnar is the raw champ and orton is the smackdown champ, and Lesnar ragdolled orton so I guess there goes all hopes of competition vs red and blue.

Umm... because if you built a sports entertainer from the ground up... THAT'S WHAT IT'D LOOK LIKE, MAGGUHL!

Because stupid