reasons to hate Bisping?

OK. lets get a sense of why some many of us have a visceral hate for this fuckin wanker.

here are some of mine to get started:

(1) seems incredibly self involved. seems to focus almost exclusively on himself

(2) whiny little bitch when he losses fights. for gods sake, strap on a sack and act like a man when you loose.

(3) borderline delusional on his losses: thinks he won the Silva fight and still claims he deserved the hammil win.

(4) tries to act like he doesnt care about criticism when it looks like he is very thin skinned. I guess all the hate really does bother him. Unfortunately he doesnt seem to be able to stop being an annoying wanker most people hate.

(5) his pathetic fans that try to make him into a top tier fight. Please God - give england a real fighter so they have someone better to nut ride!

Acts classless, blames others for being classless.

Willing to cheat to win.

Not proud of his Cypriot roots.

just thought of another one:

whines on and on about being a top fighter and deserving a title shot but hasnt won any (?) fights vs top contenders. a legend in his own mind.

 I really don't understand how anyone could like him...OP #4 reason was my favorite.