Rebecca's KOTC pics

I just received some pics from the April 22 KOTC show. The
photographer did a great job. Please note that they are Copyright 2006
SleepyMongrel Photography Inc.


nice! congrats rebecca

Sweet pics!

Congrats(again) to you both.

Can't wait to see the fight...when is it on??

I hear it will be on TSN sometime in July.

she is one lean woman.

Cool pic of Rebecca doing crazy monkey!

Not much of a choice when you have long hair. It seems to be the
only way to keep it out of my face. Yes, I could just cut all my hair
off but believe me, the cornrows look better on me than me with
short hair :)

Props Rebecca just do you thing don't worry about the hair. And you look ripped as hell too props on the hard work it shows!! Keep it up

Congrats Rebecca!!!

Congrats! And I think you look great! Nothing more beautiful than a chick who can kick some serious ass!

Who gives a shit what someone's hair looks like
before a fight, what an idiotic comment.

congrats! was good to see u guys there... take care


I could just imagine my 16 yr old daughter's reaction if I got a mohawk!

Congrats again!

congratulations , thanks for shareing .

LOL at/with Wayne-O for being sensistive to hair comments! ;-)

Awesome, thanks for the pics. And I like the hair!


Great pics! Fantastic job Rebecca!

Phil Hughes

BTW, she may look ripped in those pics, but now she is drinking beer
every night, not training and getting fat:)