reboot on game exit: Video? Ideas?

I built new systems for my girl & I for the holidays; had a lot of trouble with mine & still haven't resolved the oddest one:

Sometimes when I exit from a game, the system restarts without warning. To me this suggest a video card problem, or a power supply one.

Both check out OK, though.

(& by game, I mean something that more or less takes control of the system, like Battlefront, or Half Life 2, or whatever, not Minesweeper.

I should mention that the root of most of my problems was the 160 GB drive that did not cooperate on IDE 0 at all. It's on IDE 1 now.

Any ideas?


Are you sure it's not the video card? That was the first thing I thought of. Did you try switching it with another one and reinstalling the drivers?

Triple checked the card; it works fine in my girl's system. It's an intermittant problem, though, so I can't be sure that's true.

I have all of this week's drivers & service pack 2.


What if your setup btw? What type of mobo, ram, gpu cpu etc?