recent beer tastings

I tried the Fantome and Dupont Saison's and loved them. I tried the Pizza Port Voscosity and IPA and thought both were great. The Viscocity reminds me of Old Rasputin. I thought the Shark Bite was ok. I like Bison IPA.

Is this thing on?

Which Pizza Port IPA? I quite like the "High Tide" and am slightly less impressed by the "Wipeout" -- like it, too, just not absolute tops.

I really like "Old Viscosity" a whole lot.

Sharkbite -- agreed. OK to pretty good. Doesn't hold a candle to Bear's "Red Rocket".

I haven't had those saisons yet.

My BevMo just recently re-stocked Drake's IPA, which I think is very, very good.

Grand Teton's "Sweetgrass" IPA is bad. Their "Bitch Creek" ESB is pretty good -- definitely not a trad English ESB, however. Hoppier (which is good with me). And has the advantage of being called "Bitch Creek".

I tried Wipe Out. They didn't have the other one. The Viscosity is at 10% alcohol, so it is a perfect post Judo drink for me. It puts me right out. I've seen Drakes around, I'll have to try that.

where do you order beer from?

I had an Old Viscosity last nite that was bottled flat, but don't let that deter you. All the others have been great, and the pint I had at pizza port this evening was perfect. Great beer. I also have a growler of El Camino IPA to work on tomorrow :)

I will try that.