Recent good comedy movies??

This last 3 Friday movies for the Mrs and I have been;

- Manchester by the Sea

- Lion

- Fences

All damn good, but Christ are they deep for a Friday night.... Any sggestions for comedy/ light hearted movies? That genre seems to have died a death of late.... Wondering have I missed any recent gems - the last one I would really shout about would have have been "The Grand Budapest Hotel".


Came here to reply but can't think of a single "good" recent comedy.

Just watched Bad Santa 2, it had it's moments but no where near as good as the 1st.

The Jerk

King Trav - The Jerk

Unless that classic was remade, that's no recent movie :) 

The Good Guys made me laugh way more than any of the recent shit comedies i have seen.

Maybe something tolerable like Central Intelligence?

Dumb and Dumber

Keanu if you haven't seen it, surprised me. 

I'll try and think of more movies I've recently seen but some tv shows you might like, is The Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix, Mindy project (wife got me into and Ike barinholtz is the goat). 

Tucker and Dale is good if you like dark humor... But its been out for a while

businessbhoy -
King Trav - The Jerk

Unless that classic was remade, that's no recent movie :) 

Meh. It should be brought up in every conversation about comedy movies.


The best comedy is on tv now.

Also forgot - Things We Do In The Shadows and Hunt For The Wilderpeople.

Both solid flicks that were made in New Zealand.

Comedy is too subjective. What one person views as funny, another person might just think is immature.

But I agree, there doesn't seem to be many good comedy movies recently

Perhaps it's because I went in with low expectations. Perhaps it's because I was wonderfully high. I can tell you that, whatever the reason, I found "Why Him?" To be fucking hilarious. I laughed so damn hard. My wife had to tell me to stop hitting her leg. 

She acknowledged after that, she also thought it was funny as fuck.

I enjoyed Dave and Mike need wedding dates. Plus Anna Kendrick is fine as fuck

Office Christmas Party was ok.



I'm assuming that Masterminds and Keeping Up With the Joneses aren't worth watching?

the nice guys 2016. comedy/action/mystery

they came together 2014 (many find it stupid, i found it hilarious)

David Brent: Life on the Road is on Netflix now


Im a big fan of The Office UK so I have my hopes up.

Thanks for suggestions chaps - will def investigate these further.