Recipe for Violent Civil Unrest


-Racialize everything, teach anti-white racism in schools, businesses, and governments.

-Let criminals out of jail (Trump did it biggest and best - MAGA!)

-End cash bail (if anyone does manage to get arrested he’s back out in a jiffy to crime some more)

-Decriminalize crime (No more traffic stops, shoplifting up to $1k is fine, label riots/arson as peaceful protests, etc)

-Refuse to prosecute the crimes are still considered crimes (way to go Soros funded DA’s and lefty mayors)

-Nueter police (Defund & politicize police departments, remove qualified immunity, and what sane cop will risk the fate of Chauvin?)

-Make self defense illegal; attack the 2nd (failed with Rittenhouse and the McCloskeys but still trying with the McMichaels and countless others).

-Open the borders (they really aren’t sending their best…_


-Combine all ingredients in a crazy inflationary environment.

-Fold in medical mandated “vaccines”.

-Liberally sprinkle with anarcho-tyranny.

-Top off with a destroyed the supply chain.

-Sit back and watch it all burn.


It’s a lot worse than that.

Defund the police is part of the prison abolition movement, which itself is part of a new school of thought called Transformative Justice, founded in part by the former Black Panther Party member and leader of Communist Party USA in the 1960s, Angela Davis.

They want to abolish the entire prison industrial complex, including police, prisons, courts and all forms of punitive justice. Instead they want to reallocate the funding for these institutions to the communities that commit the crime.

This is what Rashida Tlaib and the squad advocated for in the 2020 Breathe Act bill that Axios on HBO discussed this past Sunday.

also get one bootlicking side to buy into it all with no critical thought ( the left)