recommend 802.11 router

Give me some names of good wireless routers. My main concern is price, with reliability second, then security. I'm only going to be using it once in a while.

A very desirable feature would be to be able to use the wired switch, and turn the wireless part on and off.

Linksys can do all of that.

I have Linksys and it has worked great.

Thanks guys. Do you have a specific model in mind?

what do you need?

if you have only 802.11b cards and don't plan to
upgrade, then get a 802.11b router.

if you have all G cards or a mix of B and G cards,
get a 802.11G router.

use WPA for your link-layer/radio encryption if you
can, since security is somewhat of a concern, but not
enough that you won't get a full wireless VPN.

unless you are connecting a fuckton of wireless
clients or have a big network, a Linksys home 802.11G
router with WPA will do all that.

they're maybe 20 bucks more than the B models- say
$70, or less on sale. They provide way tougher

Andrew Yao, what type of connection do you have... cable or dsl?

just wanna give you a heads up, the linksys routers use

some dsl modems use the same ip -- arescom 800 ... msn dsl 1000 -- the actiontec wireless dsl routers use the --

in otherwords if you setup a linksys with a dsl modem and cannot connect then change the ip in the linksys and you'll be all set.

I have a LinkSys myself and love it.

My DLink 802.11B and my dad's went bad after about 6 months and it was a struggle getting an RMA ... the tech support had to go through their scripts (is it turned ON, do you see lights, etc.) instead of listening. Maybe we got 2 bad routers, who knows.

On the other hand, the 802.11B and G Linksys routers I've installed have been bullet-proof, so far. However, I've heard stories about bad tech support ... makes you wonder if this type of tech support is now par for the course.

I'd go with whichever is on sale.

I was told to stay away from DLink.

Do not get DLink. They suck to hook up and will drop your connections everytime your neighbor uses a cordless phone or microwave. seriously, worst buy ever. I had to use registry edits from their support to even get it to send packets. Never worked correctly and I work in IT! Tell me it is easier to build a sun 6500 than hook up wireless. Jesus I felt like a dumb ass.

I then took mine back and got netgear and that sucker took 5 minutes to hook up and works great. Worth the extra 25 bucks.


I ended up getting a netgear mr814 v2 802.11b because it was 30 bucks after rebate. It was a bitch to set up, but I'm not sure if the problem was with the router or my D-link USB wireless adapter. At first the signal strength was horrible from like 5 feet away. Then I installed the latest firmware and drivers for router and adapter, and it was good except WEP wouldn't work. Then after reading some comments from web and newsgroups about this particular router and adapter, I started fiddling with turning the Wireless Zero Configuration service on and off and I uninstalled the WPA hotfix that was on Windows Update. That got WEP to work. I still can't get it to work with SSID broadcast off, but that's not a big deal anyways.