Recommend A Better Wireless Router

I currently have the Arris NVG468MQ router from frontier and the wifi is horrible.
I even have 2 repeaters in the house, and it’s still horrible.
Thinking an upgrade of the router is the way to go.

Thoughts ?

Current router

No. You didn’t say please.

I went with google mesh and haven’t had a problem. I know jackshit about any of it but I have good WiFi where I didn’t have it before.

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Don’t replace the router just get access points. I put 2 TPLink access points in my house on each floor. Work great.

Look at your service first. Depending on the infrastructure and your service provider. The issue may not be totally dependent on an older router or modem. Do you rent your modem from your service provider? What is the construction of your residence like? Brick and mortar or something newer? Where is your current router and modem located? Do you have them stuffed in a closet in your basement or are they located in the center of your home?

Have you tried changing your broadcast channel your router is using? Are there are devices or services in the immediate area that may interfere with your signal?

Dont just assume it’s the router.

I already have 2 TP-Link N300 repeaters

What exactly is horrible? Speed or connecting or both?

Linksys has always been good to me. Think I had an Asus before this for years that worked fine.

Do you have fios? If you do, you can have them reprovision the ONT on your wall to act as the modem and run CAT6 cable from there to wherever you want and use any router you damn well please. Then send them back their shit router and get $10 off your bill every month.

Otherwise the router you have is going to constantly be bottlenecking everything and you’re always going to have problems with speed, throughput and latency.

Picked up this guy for $99 over the holidays.

Usually around $150, worth every penny.

Crap, I think I figured out something.

We’re paying for 500/500 from frontier.

That router from frontier in the OP only goes up to 100mbs.

This is the system i have, and it’s pretty good. I have service on most of my property, a little over 2 acres.
Actually, my internet service is extremely slow by today’s standard. Fiber is at the end of my street, and will be available 6-12 months I’ve been told.
When i get real internet, hoping these things rock

Unless you are a techy, get a mesh system.

If you want to kick it up a notch, get a UniFi dream machine and some APs.

Mesh systems are fine if you have a larger home (2500sq. ft. and up) but overkill otherwise. And unless you’re paying north of $300, you’re not getting ethernet connections on all the satellites.

If you’re on 500/500, you’re on fios. You need to call and have them reprovision your ONT to act as the modem and buy a decent router.

You’ll thank me later.

Curious about this. I’m by no means a techie, in fact I’m quite tech-tarded. I have the router I linked, and once I switched channels on it, I get flawless wifi in my entire house, garage, most of my yard and nearly all my long-ass driveway.

Why would one need to be a “techie” to have something other than a standard (non-mesh) router?