Recommend A Better Wireless Router

The UniFi items are “professional” grade networking. They are more involved when setting up. The out of the box settings work pretty well, but there is still more of a learning curve compared to standard consumer grade products.

What kind of performance gap would one be looking at with one of those pro doohickey setups, versus the ham-n-egger setup I have? Or would I need to have serious network traffic to really appreciate the difference?

Don’t go cheap on a router. Theyre the center of your network. $100 routers are fine for a coupe in a condo with a few devices, but if youre running anything more than that up your budget.

That’s what I have, Nighthawk.

Depends on how many devices you have on your network and WiFi. Sounds like you have no reason to switch if you’re not having any problems.

If you ever wanted to dip your toes into the pro end using access points you can start small e.g. if there is an area with poorer wifi you can add a single access point. The UniFi ones are powered by PoE so you only need one cable ethernet.

On my second floor I have an access point on the ceiling in the hall, on the main floor I have an in-wall AP, and I have an outdoor one for the backyard, plus the router from the ISP in the basement.

It’s total overkill but I like to be able to have strong WiFi everywhere inside and out.

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Ok. shrugs I recommend you get a better wireless router.


Called frontier, they said they don’t do that. Requested a tech to be sent over anyway.

Anything specific I need to tell him to do ?

my home is not large, 1400sf 1st floor and 1400sf basement. where it did improve greatly, is not only the total house is covered, but also my entire 2+ acres is covered. much better than what i had before. can’t wait until i get real broadband.

Frontier 1st line reps are absolute liars. I’ve never had one get jack shit right.

Tell him you’re having throughput issues, high latency, speed drops, and the modem keeps needing to be reset. Tell him you’d like the ONT to serve as your modem and you’ll run the cat5 cable if it helps. You buy it cheap from monoprice. Honestly shouldn’t be a huge deal, but they don’t want to lose that $10 a month when you don’t have their modem. You can use any router you please after that, despite them telling you only theirs will work.

Fingers crossed you get a good service tech. Good luck.


I have a Firewalla Gold which doesn’t have built in wireless but is probably the best consumer grade router I’ve ever owned. You don’t need a ton of networking knowledge to configure it and secure your network. It’s pretty much mobile app driven so even the wife can turn off the kid’s internet, etc.
For wireless I have Unifi APs around my house two are wired, two are meshed. Great coverage and Unifi is solid.

I just had Spectrum send me a new modem saying that I had to use it as my internet wouldn’t work with my current ARIS modem/router (I own it).

So I get the modem today and it’s just that. I look at my ARIS modem/router and there is no input to send in the signal, just 4 fucking outputs. So now I have to use their new fucking modem (I’m sure I will be charged for it monthly now) and buy a new fucking router.

Any wifi router brands you recommend for just my 2 bedroom condo (4 cat 5 connections and maybe 8 wifi connections)?

Some are listed Wifi 5 and Wifi 6 is one better than the other?

Thinking about maybe this Linksys for $99:

If you dont mind spending a bit (~300), Ubiquiti makes a top notch home setup. Their products are commercial grade and I have this setup running in office situations with 20+ computers with 0 issues. Setup entails installing an app to your phone and plugging in the access points.

Amazon Prime Day has these deals (the previous $99 Linksys still looks better, but WTF do I know?):

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