Recommend a book

I'm at the mall waiting for an appt. Going to swing by the book store afterwards.




My last read was “Anatomy of Violence.”

I’m currently reading “We are all African.”

My next read will be “Behave” by Sapolsky.

Discipline Equals Freedom

"Into the Silence" by Wade Davis

checks all of your boxes

Just read 'Edward R Murrow and the Birth of Broadcast  Journalism' by Bob Edwards. Good read. It was both refreshing to hear about the integrity journalism was built on and sad to see what it turned into

If you like star wars Bloodlines was a good read.

Read The Sun Medallion: A Fairy Tale of Love.

Its loosely based of the relationship I had with this girl from Bulgaria. Her mother wrote the book

The girl aways wore this Sun Medallion and I mean always. This girl never took it off. Hence the name of the book.

Support an OG veteran.

The Awakened Ape

American Psycho

The Last Headbangers (NFL in the 1970s)

Savage Continent (europe 1945-50 and all the anarchy after the war)


Gates of Fire

The Afghan Campaign 

This got me hooked on mountain climbing